Announcing New MYN Outlook Add-in

June 13, 2016

I am happy to announce a new MYN Outlook software add-in called MYN Views for Outlook. It was created by the ClearContext folks and they are selling it starting today. It’s $15.


The purpose of this Windows desktop Outlook add-in is quite simple: it inserts the MYN To-Do Bar settings into your copy of Outlook, those shown in Chapter 3 of my Outlook book. So, using this add in, you can save 10 to 20 minutes of work entering the MYN To-Do Bar settings.

It also inserts a number of advanced MYN tasks folder views into your default tasks folder (those described in Chapter 12 of my Outlook book). These could take several hours to enter by hand.

And perhaps most convenient, it also installs a button that allows you to reset all these MYN view settings with one click. Why is that important? Due to bugs in Outlook and Exchange Server, some people lose their MYN view settings periodically, especially in the To-Do Bar. Also, some people accidentally change their views. So this product is a good remedy for those issues.

Below is the link to the product. It’s only $15 and note that I don’t make any money on retail sales of this product. I am just happy to see ClearContext create and support the product because I know the need for it is out there. More details at this link:

Take a look at it.

And FAQs here:



7 thoughts on “Announcing New MYN Outlook Add-in

  1. Mike

    How does this differ from the ClearContext product they sell for MYN? I have that and have configured everything already, so does this new product provide anything additional?

    1. Michael Linenberger Post author

      Nothing else is added if you already have ClearContext MYN Special Edition. No need to get it then. Michael

  2. Martin

    Michael– I’m tempted to buy it, because my views are sometimes unstable. But, if I have already configured these views, will everything be duplicated? Should I delete my own views before downloading the program?

    1. Michael Linenberger Post author

      Hi Martin, it won’t duplicate the To-Do Bar view, but it will duplicate other views you’ve created in the Tasks folder. You don’t need to delete them first, but you might get confused as to which views are yours and which are the newly added ones (they look the same in the list). Michael

  3. Thomas

    Regarding the comment in Michael’s post about Outlook Views sometimes being unstable, that problem has been mostly addressed in a recent update (around the beginning of June, 2016). I’m providing some details here for those that may be interested in such detail.

    The stability of “views” in Outlooks has been something that was ongoing for years in Outlook. I was able to identify and isolate the problem and then report it to Microsoft as an Office 365 administrator (via a support request). The Microsoft Exchange Team was very responsive and responded with questions and addressed the Task views problems.

    However, there a still a couple of other problems that Microsoft is still working on regarding these view problems and have acknowledged them. The first is the “To Do” bar. The views on the To Do bar do not currently sync reliably with Exchange Server. The inbox view also has a problem with views, too. They are in the process of addressing these even now. Given that Microsoft is acknowledging these bugs, I am guessing they’ll fix this within a month. I say this because an engineer from the Exchange team has been calling me a verifying the problem and has asked me to do a screen share session to “verify” the problem.

    Bottom line with views and the instability problem is that it is caused by a sync problem between Outlook (client) not syncing properly with the Exchange server. Microsoft acknowledges it and is fixing it. (If you do not use a Exchange server or you don’t use an Office 365 account, you probably won’t have a problem with views being unstable).

    I’ll close by saying that I’ve noticed that lately Microsoft seems to be more responsive to users and problems than they were in the past. Of course this is just my own experience. Also, might you have ideas that will help improve future releases of Outlook, you should submit then on Microsoft’s website set up just for this purpose at

    I rarely post comments, but I am very into Outlook and these types of methods of organizing my MYN. And so I do get it that my comments may be too geeky for this Michael’s article. However, for those who are curious about this sort of stuff, there you have it. 🙂

    1. Michael Linenberger Post author

      Thanks Thomas, for chasing this down with Microsoft! I do hope they’ve fixed the issues, that would be great! Michael

  4. Marc

    Hi Michael,
    The “Show Flagged Items” button only enables the view in the To-Do bar but not in the project view or the other MYN views. Is there a way to enable email flags in the task folder within the MYN views (such as in the MYN Project view)?
    Thank you!


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