gSyncit Looks Good for ToodleDo to Outlook Tasks Sync

Jan 14, 2012

I am hearing some good things from my users about gSyncit, an Outlook add-on that syncs Outlook data with a number of cloud services. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but it looks like it may be a reasonable way to sync ToodleDo tasks into Outlook. It also syncs calendar and contacts data with Google, and notes with Dropbox. But I am most interested in its ability to do a ToodleDo tasks sync, and it looks good for that.

It’s not exactly what I am looking for since I am an Exchange user and gSyncit does not sync directly between the Exchange Server to ToodleDo server; you need Outlook running on your computer to make the sync. Why is that an issue?  Well, say you are traveling without your computer and just using mobile devices… if your computer at home is not running, the sync may not happen. But that’s a “corner case” as they say, and this should still work for most cases with Exchange users.

That said, I think the main customer for this product would be Outlook users who do not use Exchange. In other words, you are using Outlook to access your email from a POP mail server or equivalent (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, Hotmail, and so on). For users like that, Outlook tasks are only stored on their computer, and they have no way to put their tasks in the cloud. So, gSyncit provides that way—you can now use ToodleDo as your tasks server and then use any of ToodleDo’s mobile apps to access your tasks on the road.

One other possible use of gSyncit is this. If you are a ToodleDo user and normally travel with your laptop, you can use gSyncit to allow you to use Outlook as your offline client for ToodleDo. Think about this. If you normally use the web version of ToodleDo to access your tasks, what if you are on a plane and cannot access the web? How do you access your tasks then? You’d need to use one of ToodleDo’s third-party Windows applications (like Task Angel) and have kept that in sync before you got on the plane. Well, now you can use Outlook’s Tasks module for that solution, even if you do not normally use Outlook tasks otherwise.

So gSyncit looks like it can fill a much needed niche. If I actually start using gSyncit I’ll write up my experience. But in the meantime, if you are using it, share your experiences here.


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11 Responses to gSyncit Looks Good for ToodleDo to Outlook Tasks Sync

  1. Anders says:

    I have been using gSyncit for some time now and can strongly recommend it. Version 3 added synching to Toodledo, Evernote and Dropbox to the original Google sync making it à perfect versitile Outlook sync companion for my purposes.

  2. claudio says:

    I tried it because it would be a great tool. Sync Outlook, Toodledo, Google ( I use an android smartphone it is what we need ). Unfortunately I had some trouble with the languages because I run Outllok and Google in my language while Toodledo is actually only in english. So I had trouble to sync the start dates, because the name of the field is different.

    So, actually I stay only with Toodledo and Ultimate To Do for my tasks. When I need to create a task I forward the email to Toodledo. 🙁

  3. Michael Hart says:

    I am using gSyncit with Outlook, Toodledo (free cloud task management) and Google Apps. Google Apps includes an enterprise email system (push email), group calendar, contacts, cloud storage, and more. It is competing with Microsoft Exchange. It is a great product. It also includes Google Apps Sync for Outlook which syncs everything but tasks.Toodledo takes care of the tasks and gSyncit synchronizes with Outlook. The full MYN system can be setup in Outlook and Toodledo. Best of all, Android devices can sync with Google Apps and with Toodledo. End result, complete synchronization with all devices, cloud based, MYN full compatibility. I am sure that iPhones and iPads can work in this senario also.

  4. Logic says:

    Unfortunately, gSyncit has been a nightmare for me so far. Two full exasperating days of trying to get it to sync correctly with ToodleDo without success (including some task data being lost by being overwritten by EARLIER versions of the same task). gSyncit is doing bizarre, unexplainable things; here’s a sample: (1) in comparing identical tasks in Outlook and TD, it says that the TD one is the more recent version because it was created…tomorrow! (I’ve checked the dates, times, and time zones in my PC, Outlook, and TD, and they all match); (2) I’ll receive warnings about certain tasks, that will be different each sync, EVEN THOUGH I’VE TOUCHED NOTHING IN THE INTERIM; (3) there is no manual or instructions of any kind on their website, so I’ve had to experiment with various synchronization settings…and they don’t seem to be doing ANYTHING; (4) no matter how I set the synchonization settings, when I create a task, synch it and see it on the other platform, modify it independently in each platform, then synch again, I get no conflict question–just a duplicate task on each platform (even when I set the switches to have one platform or the other, or latest modification date, resolve the conflict).

    I could go on an on…

    I had been using Chromatic Dragon for syncing and was very happy with it, but had to come up with something new on my new computer with Windows 7. gSyncit is a bug-ridden, undocumented piece of junk if you ask me, I’m sorry to say.

  5. Logic says:

    Update: I spent my third full day trying to synch Outlook and ToodleDo using gSyncit. Now I finally have gotten everything cleaned up and everything working to some degree. Still some bizarre things happening, though; I don’t trust gSyncit. I’m going to strictly use Outlook for all task creation/modification activity, never touch ToodleDo (use it strictly as a server between Outlook tasks and the ToodleDo app on my iPhone), and use my iPhone’s ToodleDo app as strictly read-only (I’m afraid to make any changes on that side due to gSyncit’s unpredictable behavior). I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that the worst is over.

    Based on my experience, I’d say that, if you can possibly get by with your current system, do so–don’t risk three days of tedium and frustration trying to get gSyncit to work (especially if you already have tasks in place on Outlook and ToodleDo–might be much less troublesome if one side is virgin so there’s a one-way transfer). Maybe in a year or two gSyncit will have many of the bugs worked out and will have a manual so that you don’t have to guess and use trial-and-error to figure out how everything works.

  6. Edward Christians says:

    I just used the trial version of gSyncit (limited to 50 tasks) with ToodleDo and Outlook 2010 (no Exchange Server). I found it simple to install and use, and once I figured out the right sync settings, it seems to work very well. I just paid the fee to unlock it. I have limited runtime on it right now but so far so good.

  7. Jon says:

    I’m also an exchange user with an iPhone
    Do you use toodledo or tasktask
    If you use toodledo, how do you add tasks when you are on your pc?
    Do you just use their website?

  8. Michael Linenberger says:

    If you are using tasks on Exchange/Outlook, then use TaskTask. However, many Exchange users decide not to use the tasks portion of Exchange/Outlook. So they use ToodleDo instead for tasks, and then use the ToodleDo app on the iPhone. And just use the ToodleDo website when on the PC.

  9. Gordon Allsop says:

    No idea what “Logic” is wittering about.
    I can only surmise that he is one of the computer users that manages to break everything he touches and then blames the tools.
    I bought it for my wife (I already use it), who isn’t a computer wizz. She managed to set it up for her outlook and synced to google and toodledo inside of half an hour start to finish !

  10. Gordon Allsop says:

    Oh just reread his comments – he works for Chromatic Dragon 🙂

  11. Leonardo sanchez de Lerin says:

    I´m synchorizing outlook task with toodledo and my problem is that all the task are updated by date, also I have the same task with overdue, today and tomorrow clasification. I us gSyncit to synchronize outlook with toodledo, and all old task from toodledo are update in outlook with overdue date. Why? Why the synchronize gsyncit software don´t overwrite the “ols” task version?

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