Mimic Subfolders Using Categories (Video)

Aug 13, 2016

You probably know that I advocate using a single folder to file all mail, and to use Outlook Categories there to group by topic. I have tons of posts and lessons on this.

One reason some people are hesitant to give up multiple folders is that they currently use subfolders. And the problem is that Outlook Categories has no provision to create subcategories. But really that’s not a problem. That’s because you can apply multiple categories to an email, and then find emails by searching for those multiple category combinations.

I have created a free video that shows how to do this: how to mimic subfolders using multiple category assignments. Go to this page (it’s the sales page for the paid video site) and then scroll all the way down to free video #28 to see that. It’s a free Preview, and available even if you have not purchased this video set. The video starts with a review of using Categories in a single folder.


One thought on “Mimic Subfolders Using Categories (Video)

  1. Arnab Roy Chowdhury

    “You probably know that I advocate using a single folder to file all mail”.

    By saying the above comment, do you mean to store incoming and sent items in a single folder (‘archive’ for example) and then apply category on them?


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