New Video Added to Paid Toodledo Class: 22D Android Toodledo App

March 19, 2015

We’ve just added yet another new training video to the paid Full MYN Toodledo Video class. It shows you how to use and set up the Toodledo Android app—the one provided by the Toodledo company itself.

We first talked about this app about a year ago (in this blog post) when it first came out. At that time the Toodledo folks said it was an early release and would get a lot of changes shortly, so we didn’t do much with it. Well, recently the Toodledo folks have completed their first phase of changes, so we thought we’d offer a video on it. All paid users of the Full MYN Toodledo Video class can access it, it’s video 22d.

While this app is not as powerful as the other two Android Toodledo apps we show in that class and elsewhere (Pocket Informant and Ultimate To-Do List), it does something those don’t: it includes nearly all the optional non-task features of Toodledo: Notes, Outlines, and Habits. If you use some or all of those, that may be a good reason to select this app.


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