Still no Scripts Menu in Latest Microsoft Outlook for Mac

July 21, 2015

[updated 9/10/2015]

A few weeks ago Microsoft released an update to their latest Microsoft Outlook for Mac. It’s version 15.13.1. And it’s now being made available as part of the standard Office 2016 for Mac updates (you no longer have to search for it separately). In other words, it has become a full member of the Office 2016 for Mac release. And it still has no Scripts menu.

I wrote about the first release (Dec 2014) of this new version here, and I complained about the lack of a scripts menu, compared to Outlook 2011 for Mac. I hoped that it was due to its early release status. But, unfortunately, there is still no Scripts menu, and so still no way to convert emails to tasks. So, if you are using tasks in Outlook 2011 for Mac with the 1MTD or MYN systems, I would not upgrade to the latest Outlook. Perhaps later in the fall, when Microsoft releases the shrinkwrap versions of Office 2016 for Mac, this will be fixed.

But given the other weaknesses of Outlook for Mac for processing tasks, it may be time to start using Toodledo for tasks (but still use Outlook for Mac for e-mail, calendar, and contacts).


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  1. Jeffrey Rusten says:

    There is a way to get back the scripts menu (with its ability to create events or tasks from emails, alas no attachments) in the latest Mac Outlook. It is described here, by William Smith of the Office for Mac blog:

    Still miss that great Windows outlook full implementation of your system, though, I wish there was practical to use Mac and iOS for everything else, but windows just for outlook and exchange). Thanks for your blog!

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