TaskUnifier Program: a Solution for Using ToodleDo “Off-line”

May 21, 2013

By now you know I recommend two task servers to put your tasks “in the cloud.” They are Outlook Exchange, and ToodleDo. Many of you are using ToodleDo now, and I get a lot of good feedback for it.

Offline Access

One issue with using ToodleDo on a PC or Mac is that it’s primarily a web-based program. So if you are offline (no Internet connection), say because you are on an airplane, you won’t be able to access your ToodleDo tasks. You may want a solution for this, and one solution is an application called TaskUnifier.


TaskUnifier is a PC, Mac, and Linix application that allows you to manage tasks. You could use it by itself, but the important thing for us it that it can connect to your ToodleDo server and synchronize with it, storing your data locally on your computer. So if you disconnect from the Internet, the data is still there in TaskUnifier. A few other applications like that have been available for some time, but none ever met the fairly simple MYN configuration requirements, and TaskUnifier does. Once configured, TaskUnifier works great with MYN. And it has a ton of extra features that may make you want to use it instead of using the browser version of ToodleDo.

Video for Configuring for MYN

Out-of-the-box, TaskUnifier needs configurations to work with MYN, and how to make them is not particularly obvious. So to help you get started with this, below is a ten-minute video that shows you how to make the most basic configurations needed for MYN. I put this together quickly; it’s not fancy. And it leaves a lot for you to still figure out. I may create a much more complete video later, if the demand is there, and I’ll put that in my paid courses. But for now this should help you get started.

[Note: the controller bar on this player hides the bottom of the video once it starts playing. To hide the controller bar, just click anywhere on the playing video]

By the way, one thing I didn’t put in the video is this: If you change priorities or dates on existing tasks in TaskUnifier they don’t automatically re-sort to meet our MYN sorting. Solution: just click the Refresh command under the View menu to re-sort your tasks.

Michael Linenberger

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3 Responses to TaskUnifier Program: a Solution for Using ToodleDo “Off-line”

  1. Raymond says:

    does Task Unifier convert email to tasks?

  2. Brian Nacy says:

    If you send an email to toodledo and then sync with Taskunifier, I believe it will work.

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