Two New 1MTD Videos Added to Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course

May 8, 2018

If you bought the Outlook Inbox Ninja Course I released last month, and if you bought the version that includes 1MTD Task videos, I’ve added two new videos to the 1MTD Tasks section (section 4) and they are included free with your subscription. If you bought the Outlook Inbox Ninja Course version without 1MTD tasks, then see this blog post  about how to upgrade to the 1MTD tasks version for a nominal fee.

The two new videos are about extending the power of 1MTD without upgrading to MYN. The first new video, 4.9, shows how to use 1MTD to handle more tasks, and the second, 4.10, shows how to add a Target Now section to 1MTD to give you better daily focus.

Just log into your paid Ninja Course video page, and scroll down to the bottom of section 4 to watch these videos, they are in there now.

And if you have not yet purchased the new Outlook Inbox Ninja Course, think about doing now, it keeps getting better and better, so check it out.


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