Using ToodleDo on Android Browsers: Pick the right Browser Software

Dec 24, 2010

I mentioned in my earlier post and video about using ToodleDo to manage your tasks (see this post) that one great thing about ToodleDo is how it runs in a browser on any device, even Android smartphones. Well, I just noticed that’s not completely true. Among my collections of smartphones is a Verizon Droid X. I love the large screen on this phone, great for using a browser, especially in landscape mode. However, the stock browser on it for some reason won’t let me tap-click many of the button controls on the ToodleDo—nothing happens when I do. It occurred to me this may be browser dependent, so I downloaded the Dolphin HD browser, and all the buttons in ToodleDo work great in that browser; problem solved.

Similarly, I was playing with a Samsung Galaxy Tab (the 7-inch Android tablet for sale everywhere right now) in the AT&T Wireless store the other day. In its stock browser,  many of the ToodleDo buttons did not seem to work either. I was not in the position to start installing software on the demo device, but I am sure Dolphin or one of the other popular browsers in Android would have worked too if installed.

ToodleDo folks are working on this—so TD runs in the stock Android browsers as well. But once I switched to Dolphin, I did not want to go back—that browser is really good!

By the way, if looking at other browsers, be sure to choose one with easy zoom features because in ToodleDo you will be zooming a lot: you’ll zoom out when you are scrolling through your tasks list, and then you’ll zoom in to open or modify a task. I like pinch-zoom capability (note Opera browser doesn’t really have it), so pick a browser that works for you.

Why even use a browser and not a task app? Well, there is not yet an Android ToodleDo task app the fully supports MYN tasks formatting (even the third party ones don’t do that yet, though some I am told are on the way). That’s why using the web version of ToodleDo is still the best way to go on your Android smartphone or tablet. With the right browser, I think you’ll see that you can fly through your tasks with ease!

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