Tasks: A Windows Phone Tasks App the Syncs with Exchange and Works with MYN

Aug 10, 2014

The Windows Phone (WP) OS has been increasing in market share—and by most counts it’s now higher than BlackBerry—so I’ve been meaning to search for more Windows Phone apps that fully work with MYN (and 1MTD). In the past I recommended TaskTask for use with Exchange on both iOS and WP, but the WP version, while pretty good, isn’t an exact fit for MYN yet. I will continue to keep my eye on TaskTask, but wanted to find other apps too.

On my recent search I did find another app that syncs with Exchange and it is pretty much a perfect fit for MYN settings. It is simply called Tasks (by In The Hand Ltd).

Tasks App for Exchange

I just loaded it and started trying it out, and while I haven’t tested it much, the nice thing about this app is its “Prioritized” view (I show that view above) exactly matches MYN principles without making any changes. So after entering your Exchange info, and syncing, the app works for MYN right out of the box. Specifically, the Prioritized view sorts first on Priority, subsorts on Start Date descending, hides tasks with future start dates, and hides completed tasks.That’s all the core MYN settings, all without making any changes, and all this with the free version. The paid version adds Live Tile and Lock Screen support, and reminders.

It’s missing a few of the optional MYN settings (for example, entering a new task with subject-only doesn’t auto-set start date to today), but it does auto set new tasks to normal, and if you click on the date fields it auto-fills with today, so not bad.

The synchronization is fast, but I don’t see any auto-sync settings—I could be wrong but it looks like you need to click the sync button for all syncs. Not a big deal but something to remember after adding tasks on your desktop.

And I did see one sync “bug” as follows: If in Outlook I change the start date of a task to the future, when I sync the app it picks up the new date but freezes that edited task (you cannot edit it) and doesn’t hide it as it should. Easy workaround: if I open some other task and return to the list, it unfreezes and appropriately hides the future task. I reported this to the developer, and in his bio he looks like a pretty high-level coder, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is fixed fast.

But in general, it’s great that there is an MYN-suitable WP/Exchange task app out there, and with no configurations needed for MYN!

Please Try it Out

I don’t use a Windows Phone on a daily basis, rather just for testing, so I have a request for any of you out there who do regularly use Windows Phone (and Exchange). If you wouldn’t mind trying this app and beating it up a little bit, please report back here on how it goes. The whole MYN community I am sure would appreciate it!

Michael Linenberger

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