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Dec. 16, 2010 Newsletter:
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Michael's Blog is Active Again

You'll find the blog at I'll be posting articles there, and summarizing many of them in this newsletter series.

The Kindle and Nook Edition of Master Your Workday Now! has been released

After a long wait (and some technical difficulties that have now been resolved), the e-Book versions of Master Your Workday Now! are finally here.

Here's the link for the Kindle version: Click Here

And here is the link for the BN Nook version: Click Here

Check your other favorite e-book sources as well; the e-book is being widely distributed.

If you Use Outlook-Exchange and have an Android device, then try the TouchDown App

Outlook users who are using my Master Your Now task management system (MYN)—if you have an Android phone or tablet, or are considering getting one, you are going to love this software called TouchDown.


TouchDown is an Android App that serves as a client of Microsoft Exchange Server. It takes your Exchange-based Outlook data (tasks, contacts, e-mail, calendar), and makes them all accessible in your Android phone or tablet.

And most importantly, TouchDown can easily be configured to show the MYN tasks list format—the same format highlighted in my Outlook book Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook, and in my new book Master Your Workday Now!

Read the rest of this interesting article

Questions and Answers on ToodleDo

I received a ton of great notes from people about the ToodleDo software article. Here are some of the questions and my answers:

  • Q) Did I know about the Outlook synchronization software for ToodleDo by Chromatic Dragon?
  • Yes, Chromatic Dragon, I’m very familiar with it. I tested it and had a conversation with the author programmer. It worked for me but the problem is the author has decided not to support it or update it anymore. So if Microsoft makes code changes in Outlook/Exchange that break it, the software will be defunct (some people are already having issues). So I cannot recommend it. Also, it requires...

See the rest of this article with many more answered questions

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