Google Tasks in Gmail & 1MTD
By Michael Linenberger

In these videos, Michael Linenberger shows how you can use Google Tasks in Gmail along with his One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) system to make Google Tasks your incredibly powerful Task Management tool. Learn all the features of Google Tasks and very practical ways to use Google Tasks to get full control of your to-dos and life.

Michael Linenberger is the author of the #1 bestselling Outlook book and the creator of the most powerful workday management systems available today: 1MTD and MYN.


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Quote from recent customer: “Google Tasks work great for implementing Michael's One Minute To-Do List system, I highly recommend it!”

Free: Video #1, Quick Start for Google Tasks in Gmail

(11 min) This video teaches you how to get started with Google Tasks in Gmail very quickly, using simple principles that will get you up and running in no time.

Free Video #2: Is this Course the Right Course for You?

(3 min) In this optional video I quickly discuss the difference between 1MTD and MYN and whether this class is the right class for you.

Video #3: Google's Android and iOS Mobile Apps, with 1MTD

(8 min) Google has excellent apps for Android and iOS that match the web tasks list look and feel nearly completely.

Video #4: Using Stars on Gmail to Indicate Action

(11 min) Details on the best way to use Stars on Gmail items in conjunction with the One Minute To Do list principles used in Google Tasks.

Video #5: Fixing and Using the Importance Marker in Gmail to mark important mail

(7 min) With default settings, Gmail automatically colors the Importance marker yellow based on unclear criteria. In this video I show you a trick for how to put it into full manual mode so that only you mark emails important. And I give suggestions on when to use it in a way that complements the 1MTD system.

Video #6: 1MTD Urgency Zones and Priorities in Google Tasks

(9 min) Details on how to use 1MTD Urgency Zones in Google Tasks. These simple yet powerful definitions are what make the One Minute To Do list so incredibly effective. And these urgency zones work well in Google Tasks.

Video #7: Review Cycles and Size Limits in 1MTD

(10' min) Once tasks are placed in the 1MTD Urgency Zones, you now need to act on them to get them done. How do you do that? This important lesson shows how often to review each Urgency Zone section and how big to make them.

Video #8: Due Dates and Repeating Tasks in 1MTD and Google Tasks

(7 min) There is a due date and optional due time field on every task in Google Tasks, so feel free to use those. However, be careful that you don’t overuse the due date field. And due dates link to repeating tasks in Google Tasks.

Video #9: Sub Tasks, Serial Tasks, and Next Actions

(14 min) Sometimes a given task can be broken down into smaller parts. Should you list all those in your 1MTD task list in Google Tasks? If so, how?

Video #10: The Wide Tasks Screen Hack in Google Tasks

(9 min) One of my few complaints about using Google Tasks for 1MTD is that the tasks pane on the right side of the Gmail window is a pretty narrow, and you cannot resize it larger in Gmail. But there is a hack to show a wider list.

Video #11: Scheduling Tasks in Urgency Zones

(9 min) Sometimes a given task needs to be done or started on or about a certain date in the future. How do you do that with the 1MTD Urgency Zones, as used in Google Tasks?

Video #12: Using Google Reminders and Appointments (Events) to Schedule Tasks

(12-min) Reminders and Calendar Events can be used effectively to time when future tasks are brought to your attention for action.

Video #13: Follow-Up Tasks Part 1

(10 min) In the 1MTD system we use Follow-Up Task s to track committments others have made to us. In this part 1, I show how to do that for commitments made in meetings.

Video #14: Follow-Up Tasks Part 2: Email Follow Ups

(14 min) Continuing from the previous video, I show two ways to track and follow up on email requests you send to others.

Video #15: Converting Emails to Tasks

(10 min) In this video we do a deeper dive into how to effectively convert emails into tasks in Gmail and Google tasks.

Video #16: Capturing Tasks from Other Sources

(11 min) If you don't capture all your tasks into your 1MTD list, things will drop through the cracks. This video shows you how to stay ahead of all the sources.

Video #17: Extending 1MTD to Handle More Tasks

(13 min) 1MTD typically tops out at 100 total open tasks. But there are ways to extend it for almost an unlimited number of tasks.

Video #18: Better Focus with the Target Now Urgency Zone in Gmail Tasks

(8-min) How to subdivide the Opportunity Now zone for better priority focus using a new sub-zone called Target Now.