Microsoft To-Do Videos
By Michael Linenberger

In these videos, Michael Linenberger shows how you can use Microsoft To-Do along with his One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) system to make Microsoft To-Do your incredibly powerful Task Management tool. Learn all the features of To-Do and very practical ways to use To-Do to get full control of your to-dos and life.

Michael Linenberger is the author of the #1 bestselling Outlook book and the creator of the most powerful workday management systems available today: 1MTD and MYN.


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Free Video #1: To-Do Quick Start

This video teaches you how to get started with Microsoft To-Do very quickly, using simple principles that will get you up and running in no time.

Free Video #2: Pros and Cons of Microsoft To-Do, and What's in the Rest of this Video Series

(13 min) To-Do has a lot going for it, but it's not for everyone. Take a look at the Pros and Cons of using it, compared to, say, Outlook Tasks or other more powerful Tasks software. Plus, I tell you what's in the rest of this video course, and why you might want to use it.

Free Video #3: Warning for Outlook Users

(10 Min) If you are currently using Tasks in Outlook with Start Dates, watch this first before starting To-Do.

Video #4 (start of paid videos): Cleaning Up an Imported Task List

(4 min) If To-Do imported all your Outlook tasks and you want to clean them up, watch this video.

Video #5: Using Urgency Zones and the One Minute To-Do List in Microsoft To-Do

(14 min) This is the core lesson on using To-Do with my powerful One Minute To-Do List System.

Video #6: Converting Emails to Tasks—The way it’s done in To-Do

(13 min) To-Do does this differently, and it requires a Microsoft hosted email account.

Video #7: Flagged Mail in To-Do

(7 min) If you have a Microsoft hosted email account, flagging mail, even on a smartphone, will add that task to your To-Do list. Here is how to enable and use that.

Video #8: Your Daily and Weekly Task Review in To-Do

(7 min) Here is how to Review your To-Do Tasks to stay ahead of deadlines and background tasks, using One Minute To-Do List principles.

Video #9: Using the My Day list Smartly in To-Do

(8-min) Learn how to use the My Day list in an easy wasy that works perfectly with The One Minute To-Do List.

Video #10: The Planned, Important, Assigned, and Custom Lists

(7-min) When you might want to use the The Planned, Important, and Assigned lists. How and when to create your own custom lists.

Video #11: Various Versions of To-Do and How they Differ

(20-min) While all platform versions of To-Do operate nearly the same, there are some significant differences. This video demonstrates those diferences, showing the pros and cons of the different versions.

Video #12: Extending 1MTD in To-Do to Handle More Tasks with Defer-to-Review

(19 min) This optional but powerful technique from the One Minute To-Do List allows you to track more tasks, gets your main Tasks list way down in size, and greatly simplifies your weekly review.

Video #13: Scheduling Tasks with Defer-to-Do

(13-min) This optional technique compliments the previous lesson and allows you to track future imporant tasks, and gets your main Tasks list way down in size.

Video #14: Reminders and Follow Up Tasks

(14-min) Learn the right way to use Reminders in To-Do and the One Minute To-Do List. Learn how to set Follow Up Tasks to make sure you follow up on people you are waiting on.

Video #15: Repeating Tasks and Using Steps

(11-min) Learn the right way to use Repeating Tasks in To-Do and in the One Minute To-Do List. Learn how to create and use Steps in To-Do and something I call Series tasks to track linked steps.

Video #16: Settings, Changing Accounts, and Using Search

(8-min) How to get to the Settings window in each version. Recommended setting changes to make. How to swap accounts in ToDo. Using Search in To-Do.

Video #17: Using To-Do with Desktop Outlook

(11-min) How to use To-Do along with a linked Desktop Outlook system, optional.

Video #18: Wrapping up and Next Steps

(6-min) Your Next steps for getting the most from the system.

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