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What Makes Things Different?

The Things App for Mac, iPhone, and iPad works great with MYN!

If you are completely immersed in the Apple ecosystem, you will love Things as your way to impletment MYN (or 1MTD). The Apps are optimized for Apple products, and have excellent features for tracking tasks and to-dos using Michael Linenberger's MYN system of task management

Easy to Use

Things is extremely easy and intuitive to use.

Super Powerful!

Things has a ton of features great for MYN.



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Learn Things Features

Learn the features of Things. Things is an excellent to-do app that is easy to start and has tons of depth.

Easy Setup for MYN

You can set up Things for MYN or 1MTD in seconds. And all settings transfer across all apps.

Advanced MYN Principles in Things

Things enables you to apply both simple and advanced MYN principles to all your tasks. You will get things done!

Free Things-MYN AppleScript App Included

Michael has written a free Mac AppleScript App for paid course users to optionally expand Things MYN functionality.


Try Out These Four Sample Videos from the Course!

Here are sample videos to try out. Complete list of 50 videos follows below.

Video Lessons List

Complete 50-video list--All the videos in the Set

Section 1 Videos. Getting Started

In this section, you'll get a quick introduction to Things, and then learn the basics of using Things with 1MTD and MYN. You'll learn how to set up Things for 1MTD and MYN, and you'll learn how Urgency Zones work in Things.

  • Video 1. Introduction to Things. (5 min.)
  • Video 2. Getting Started with Things and MYN/1MTD. (6 min.)
  • Video 3. Setting Up Things for 1MTD and MYN. (9 min.)
  • Video 4. Urgency Zones in Things. (10 min.)

Section 2 Videos. Things Primary Features

In this section, you learn the primary out-of-box features of Things, and those that are most important to MYN. You'll learn how to enter new tasks and all task attributes, how to use the Things Sidebar and the main lists inside, and how to edit multiple tasks at once. You'll learn the menubar commands. And finally you'll learn about the Things Inbox and how to avoid it.

  • Video 5. Things Primary Features Part 1. (8 min.)
  • Video 6. Things Primary Features Part 2. (8 min.)
  • Video 7. Things Primary Features Part 3. (6 min.)
  • Video 8. Avoiding the Things Inbox. (7 min.)

Section 3 Videos. MYN Start Dates and Deadlines

In this section, you'll learn how Things does start dates. Start dates are extremely important part of MYN. Unlike most apps, Things has a true start date equivilent, called the When date. And it works great for MYN. Learn how to use it in these vidos, and how to add Deadlines to the mix

  • Video 9. MYN Start Date = Things When Date. (13 min.)
  • Video 10. This Evening When Date. (7 min.)
  • Video 11. Things Deadlines. (7 min.)
  • Video 12. No Old When Dates in Things. (5 min.)
  • Video 13. MYN Start Date and Deadline Strategies. (10 min.)

Section 4 Videos. MYN FRESH Prioritization and MYN Target Now

In this section, you learn about two very important principles of MYN: FRESH Prioritization and Target Now. Both are done differently in Things compared to other MYN Apps, and I especially like the way FRESH is accomplished in Things.

  • Video 14. FRESH Prioritization, Part 1. (7 min.)
  • Video 15. FRESH Prioritization, Part 2. (7 min.)
  • Video 16. MYN Target Now in Things, Part 1. (6 min.)
  • Video 17. MYN Target Now in Things, Part 2. (6 min.)

Section 5 Videos. The Optional MYN-Things Applescript App

I've developed an Applescript app for paid video users that adds many new features to Things, ones that make it even better for use with MYN. For example, it automatically moves tasks due today to the Critical Now section. And it adds subject line priority coding to the Forward-to-Things feature of Things. Download the app from the paid video page.

  • Video 18. MYN-Things AppleScript App Part 1. (10 min.)
  • Video 19. MYN-Things AppleScript App Part 2. (11 min.)

Section 6 Videos. Converting Emails into Things Tasks

In this section, you learn how to convert emails into Things tasks using a few different methods including using drag and drop and email forwarding.

  • Video 20. Converting Emails to Tasks with Drag and Drop. (12 min.)
  • Video 21. Email Forwarding into Tasks. (8 min.)

Section 7 Videos. Using MYN Follow-Up Tasks in Things

MYN follow-up tasks are a fantastic way to stay on top of commitments others have made to you. They use the start date, or When date, in Things.

  • Video 22. Start Dates and Follow-up Tasks. (5 min.)
  • Video 23. Following Up on Emails you Send. (6 min.)

Videos Section 8. Next Actions and GTD in MYN

MYN implements nearly all Getting Things Done (GTD) concepts, but in the best way possible. See how MYN implements the Next Action concept in Things, and how other GTD methods are enabled.

  • Video 24. Next Action Tasks in MYN. (12 min.)
  • Video 25. Getting Things Done (GTD) and MYN. (0 min.)

Section 9 Videos. MYN Defer to Review

In this section, you'll learn how Things uses start dates to defer your lowest priority tasks into easily reviewable scheduled blocks. This enables you to manage an unlimited number of tasks.

  • Video 26. MYN Defer to Review Part 1. (12 min.)
  • Video 27. The Weedkly Defer to Review Process. (7 min.)
  • Video 28. MYN Defer to Review Outcomes. (6 min.)

Section 10 Videos. Handling Multi-Step Tasks

In this section, you'll learn how to use Things to manage multi-step tasks at various levels of complexity, inlcuding managing small projects.

  • Video 29. Using Checklists for Multi-item Activities. (10 min.)
  • Video 30. Multi-Step Series Tasks. (12 min.)
  • Video 31. Using Things Tags for Projects. (13 min.)
  • Video 32. Weekly Review of Tagged Projects. (8 min.)
  • Video 33. Tags vs. Things Projects & Managing Tags. (6 min.)

Section 11 Video. Anytime and Someday Lists

In this section, you'll learn how to use the Things Anytime and Someday Lists in various ways to control your tasks.

  • Video 24. Anytime and Someday Features of Things with MYN. (13 min.)

Section 12 Videos. Repeating Tasks

All good task systems offer repeating tasks. The way Things implements them is particularly elegant, but does take some study to understand.

  • Video 35. Repeating Tasks Part 1: Intro and the After Completion Type. (6 min.)
  • Video 36. Repeating Tasks Part 2: Fixed Schedule Type. (5 min.)
  • Video 37. Repeating Tasks Part 3: Deadlines in Repeating Tasks. (8 min.)
  • Video 38. Repeating Tasks Part 4: Editing Repeating Tasks. (8 min.)

Section 14 Videos. Using Things iOS Apps

The amazing thing agout the Things iOS apps is they enable all features of the Mac App. Here is how to use them.

  • Video 40. Using the Things iPhone App. (16 min.)
  • Video 41. Using the Things iPad App. (15 min.)

Section 15 Videos. Miscellaneous Topics

Catchall section for Other features of Things.

  • Video 42. Linkages of Things to other Mac Apps. (11 min.)
  • Video 43. Other Things Features and Tips. (15 min.)
  • Video 44. Coming Soon: Showing MYN Significant Outcomes in Things. (15 min.)

Section 16 Videos: Using Apple Shortcuts with MYN Things

Learn how to use Shortcuts with Things and download four very powerful MYN/Things Shortcuts that will help you greatly.

  • Video 45. Introduction to Apple Shortcuts. (7 min.)
  • Video 46. The Shortcuts App. (11 min.)
  • Video 47. iPhone Shortcuts and Finding Shortcuts. (6 min.)
  • Video 48. Shortcut Actions and Things Shortcuts. (7 min.)
  • Video 49. About the Four MYN Things Shortcuts P1. (7 min.)
  • Video 50. The Four MYN Things Shortcuts--Installing and Using. (9 min.)


Why MYN?

MYN is the system specifically designed to get your busy workday under control.


MYN segments all incoming tasks into strictly-defined Urgency Zones to provide excellent focus.


MYN uses task start dates throughout the system to control when you see tasks, keeping your list compact.


MYN can manage an unlimited number of tasks, with only the right tasks presented at just the right time. Great stress Relief!.


MYN uses deadlines only when absolutely needed. No fake deadlines that clog up your list! (Start dates do most of the work to emphasize task timing.).

What You Will Learn

This class teaches you to use Things in a stress-free way with the MYN System, for perfect workday control.


Things Features

Learn all the features of Things so you can use this powerful To Do App to managge all your daily tasks.


MYN Principles

Learn how all the key MYN principles are implemented with the Things apps, with emphasis on Thing's special features.


Compact To-Do List

MYN teaches how to keep your daily to-do list short and well focused. Each urgency zone has strict size limits.


Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Review Cycles

Stay ahead of all your tasks by learing how to review you MYN-Things to do list at just the right time for just the right zones.

If you use the Apple Mac, iPhone, or iPad, Things is the Perfect app to implement MYN.

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Highly professional video training, by Michael Linenberger.

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When Michael updates or adds videos to this course, Michael will post them to your paid video course, no extra charge.

Free Applescript App and MYN Shortcuts

Paid video course users can download a free Applescript app that expands the features of Things on a Mac. They can also download four Apple Shortcuts that Michael created specifically for MYN and Things


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If you use only Apple products, then yes, Things is your best choice for MYN to-do list management. But if you also want to see your tasks on a Windows or Android device, then you'd better use Toodledo or Todoist.

Both Things and Todoist are excellent apps. But if you are immersed in Apple products, Things offers more linkages with other Mac apps, such as drag-and-drop Mac Mail conversion and Applescript automation to add powerful new MYN features. Things also offers drag-and-drop task prioritizing in its MYN configuration--no other app has that. And it has both start date and deadline fields. In contrast, while Todoist lacks all that, Todoist has more extensive project management features, and both Toodledo and Todoist are multi-platform so they also runs on Windows. For a full discussion of which apps to use, see this article:

Things can store your tasks in the cloud for sharing with Things apps on other devices. But there is no browser version of Things.

There is no repeating payment required to purchase the Things app. Rather, you pay for it once. You -do- have to buy a separate app for the Mac, for the iPhone, and for the iPad.

Things for the Mac has a free trial. However the iPhone and iPad apps do not have a free trial.

In the last few years, Michael's use of the Macintosh platform has reached nearly 95% of his work. So yes, Michael now uses Things exculsively for his daily MYN work. It's the perfect app for MYN if you use only Apple products.

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“I have been using Michael Linenberger’s system for about 3 months now and my productivity has increased tenfold. With this system, I have a way to track important tasks and I feel that I am on top of my job.”

Nikolas Brooten

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“For the very first time in 18 years, I left work to go on holiday leave at a reasonable time (5.10pm) instead of working until 2am to get everything under control before I left. I cannot tell you how this had changed my life.”

Coriss Ambady

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