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Depending on your software platform and mobility needs, you have many choices for implementing Linenberger's 1MTD or MYN system. Here are software resources for each:

Nothing beats Microsoft Outlook for E-mail and Task Management

Outlook, once configured for 1MTD or MYN, provides a fantastic solution for managing e-mail and tasks. Here are ways to get started and some key mobile solutions.

Michael’s Latest Book Teaches a Quick Outlook Solution

Quickly learn how to create a powerful to-do list in Outlook. This 116 page book shows you the One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) and a quick Outlook solution. Get a free copy

Learn the Full MYN System Using Your Copy of Outlook

For a more complete task and e-mail management solution, study the more advanced MYN system and apply it in Outlook. You have lot's of ways to do that--read the book or take one of Michael's MYN Outlook classes. Read more

Install all the MYN Settings Using an Outlook Add-In

All the custom Outlook MYN configurations I teach in my book take a little time to hand configure. But you can install them all in one click using a simple and inexpensive Windows Outlook Add-in module called "MYN Views."Read more

Use TaskTask for Outlook Exchange with iPhone or iPad

The software app TaskTask is designed for use on the iPhone and iPad to access your Microsoft Exchange or Outlook. com account! Get 1MTD or MYN task views & synchronization between your Exchange server and an app on your iPhone or iPad. Read more

Use Nine – Outlook for Android with Exchange or

The software Nine is designed for use on Android to access your Microsoft Exchange (or server! Get full MYN tasks support & between your Exchange (or server and the app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Read more

Use with Outlook Desktop and apps

For consumers who don't have access to Microsoft Exchange Server, you can store your MYN tasks on and then access them in your desktop copy of Outlook. Then you can use a variety of smartphone apps to see and edit them. Read more

For Windows Mobile Phones: 2Day App

Many Windows Mobile Phone users are using the 2Day app with MYN and 1MTD. Read more

If you use Microsoft Outlook (PC), and want more functionality...

You should consider adding the software: ClearContext to your copy of Outlook. When combined with MYN Views software (described above) it adds all the MYN Outlook customizations, and much much more, including a special Task button for greater control, color-coded, prioritized e-mail, project organization and tracking, and more. Read about it

If you cannot use Windows Outlook & Exchange for Tasks, use Toodledo

If you can't or don't want to use Windows Outlook and Exchange (or for tasks, I'd use Toodledo. With Toodledo software, you can manage tasks anywhere and can easily convert e-mails to tasks from ANY e-mail software platform. The web version runs on PCs, Macs, or any handheld. And the iOS, Android, and BlackBerry apps work great for mobile access and let you sync with your main computer.
Read more about using Toodledo with 1MTD or MYN

Michael's Latest Book Teaches a Full ToodleDo Solution

Learn how to create a powerful to-do list in ToodleDo. Michael's new 116 page book shows you the One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) and MYN in a full ToodleDo solution.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, ToodleDo is Perfect

ToodleDo has a great task management app for the iPad and iPhone that you can easily configure for the 1MTD or MYN system. Synchronize your tasks with your main computer.

If you use a Mac Computer, Consider ToodleDo

ToodleDo with 1MTD or MYN in a web browser is a great way to manage tasks on a Mac. I even recommend it above the Tasks module in Outlook for Mac 2011.

For Android Phones or Tablets (or Android on BB10)

Use ToodleDo with 1MTD or MYN via third-party apps on an Android phone or tablet. Or run the Android app on a BlackBerry 10. Select apps synchronize with your main computer and let you take your tasks with you on the road. Click below to learn more.

Read more about using ToodleDo with 1MTD or MYN

Or Try Microsoft's latest task software called To-Do

Microsoft has released new tasks management software called Microsoft To-Do. It works on PCs, Macs, iPhone, Android, and the web. It can be used well with my One Minute To-Do List system (1MTD).
Watch my free video about using Microsoft To-Do with 1MTD