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Jan 5, 2017

Nine is an Android App that syncs with Exchange or and provides many MYN functions on your smartphone. Benefits:

  • It allows viewing and entering MYN tasks
  • It has an E-mail module with Category assignments
  • It allows conversion of e-mails to tasks
  • It has Calendar, Contacts, and Notes modules too, and everything syncs with the corresponding modules in Exchange or

Many MYN users have used it for years and love it. I used to recommend Touchdown for Android and MYN, and it’s still a good choice, especially for corporations that need secure connections. But the makers of Touchdown have had a beta version of its replacement version out for a while, and that beta lacks a lot of features we need for MYN. It is unclear when it will become the main version and the old version will be cut off. For that reason, I recommend Android users consider Nine instead.

There is a full video in my paid MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training (the newer 365 version of that class) on how to use Nine. It’s video number 22C. Below I show some notes on how to get started with Nine, in case you have not purchased the video course. Let’s look at those next.

Getting Started

  1. Search for Nine on the Google Play store. It’s called “Nine – Outlook for Android”
  2. Download and Install
  3. Enter your Exchange or username and password.
  4. You’ll be shown a Content to Sync window. By default all types are set to sync: Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes. If you don’t want any of these to sync (say to speed up usage) then tap the ones that you don’t want and remove the green color. Tap Next.
  5. You are taken to the email module, and it may take a moment to sync.
  6. Email is set in conversation view by default. Tap 3-line-with-arrow menu in upper right to change that and to change many other settings.

Viewing Tasks and Setting up Tasks for MYN

  1. Tap the 3-line menu (hamburger menu) in upper left to navigate to main menu
  2. In main menu at very bottom, tap on the tasks icon. It defaults to Active tasks (good for MYN). Use label-menu at top if you want to change that. But other settings are not set correct for MYN, let’s fix those next.
  3. Tap the funnel shaped button in upper right.
  4. Tap the start date entry, and then select third one down On or Before Today. Tap OK
  5. Tap left arrow next to Filter to get back to task list.
  6. Tap 3-line-with-arrow menu in upper right
  7. If you want to hide flagged mail tasks, then tap the green check mark next to Show Flagged to clear that.
  8. Leave No date on Top checked.
  9. Tap the Group By button and in window tap Priority.
  10. Tap Sort By button. Sort by Start Date, Order by Newest on Top. Tap OK
  11. Back at the tasks list, your list should now match your Outlook To-Do Bar Tasks MYN sorting fairly closely. Target Now tasks are colored light blue, by the way.

Using Nine to Add Tasks

  1. Tap large blue + sign in lower right to add tasks…
  2. You have to choose a start date (defaults to none). Ignore due date (it will set to same)
  3. Set priority, then tap Save in upper right.

Using the E-mail Module to Use Categories

  1. Tap the 3-line menu (hamburger menu) in upper left to navigate to main menu.
  2. In main menu at very bottom, tap on the envelope icon.
  3. Open an email. To choose a category, tap the button to right of subject line. Category choice list is shown. Like all mobile Exchange mail apps, only categories currently in Inbox will be shown in list, and colors won’t match. To fix, first, in Outlook send yourself an email with all categories assigned to it. Then open any email in Nine, tap the button to right of subject line,  and use the Edit menu at bottom of category window in Nine to assign proper colors (tap color dots to change color).

Converting Emails to Tasks

  1. Open any e-mail. If you open a conversation, then open an e-mail inside it to select it (conversion to tasks only works on single emails, not on entire conversations).
  2. In the open single email, tap the 3-dot menu in upper right.
  3. Tap Create a Task. In new task edit the subject line and set start date, then priority, then tap save in upper right. No attachments are picked up by the way.

There are a lot more features in Nine, feel free to play around with it and its other modules.

One thought on “Nine – Outlook for Android

  1. Dragan Marian

    Many Thanks for the post. I’ve been using their native Outlook for Android App but lacked many features among which the most important of course is the possibility of setting up the MYN Tasks system the way you advise in your Total Workday Control Book.


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