The One Minute To-Do List Video Course

Using Windows Outlook

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One Minute To-Do List Video Course
by Michael Linenberger

(For Windows Desktop Outlook 2013 and 2016)

    • The Best To-Do List System for Outlook!

    • Get your tasks and email under control.

    • Keep Track of All your Responsibilities.

    • Convert Emails into trackable to-dos!

    • Get your work Done!

    • Easy and quick to Learn!

    • Easy and quick to Use!

    • Easy to keep up with!

    • Goes far beyond the bestselling book!

The One-Minute To-Do List System Really Works!

Instantly get your workday under control


Most Powerful To-Do List
Users report that it's the only list that has worked for them. Can convert action emails directly into tasks. Syncs with many smartphone to-do list apps. Tasks that MUST be done today are clearly shown.


Very Simple Approach
Simply segment your work into three urgency zones... thats it! Very clear size limits are put on each zone. Very clear review periods are put on each zone. Easy to Use. Very low maintenance required.

Uses Outlook

Uses Windows Outlook's Tasks System
Uses the task system built into Outlook. Your To-do's sit right next to your email Inbox, giving them the high priority they need. And your to-do's sync anywhere your Outlook task data syncs.

What's in the Course?
10 high-quality training videos.
Learn to Conquer your To-Do's at your own speed.


Video 1: A Free Introduction to The One-Minute To-Do List Outlook Course (5 min)

Video 2: Tasking Your Mail with The One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) System (16 min)

Video 3: Flagging Mail vs. Tasking Mail in Outlook (8 min)

Video 4: Urgency Zones and Priorities in 1MTD (5 min)

Video 5: Urgency Zones Review Cycles and Size Limits (8 min)

Video 6: Creating Deadlines in 1MTD Tasks (9 min)

Video 7: Using the Due Date Field in 1MTD (21 min)

Video 8: Using a Quick Step to Task Mail (5 min)

Video 9: Extending 1MTD for More Tasks *NEW!* (9 min)

Video 10: Using Target Now in 1MTD *NEW!* (7 min)


"The One Minute To-Do List is simple yet powerful. I use it in Oultook everyday and I feel like I finally have my workday under control." (unsolicited comment from a recent user)

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Learn the differences between The One Minute To-Do list and Michael's more advanced MYN system here.

These same lessons are in Section 4 of the complete Outlook Inbox Ninja video course. So that's another way to get this training.

About Michael Linenberger

Michael Linenberger is the author of eight workday productivity books including Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook which has been the number 1 bestselling book on Microsoft Outlook for over 9 years, and is author of the book The One Minute To-Do List. Michael teaches corporate clients how to apply best practices of time, task, and e-mail management to get ahead of an out-of-control e-mail inbox and workday. Michael has been written up in the business magazines Fast Company and Investor's Business Daily for his unique common-sense approach to e-mail control, and has been called “The Efficiency Guru” by the Detroit News. He has been a management consultant and technology professional for more than 25 years, and was a Vice President at Accenture. Before Accenture, Michael led the technology department at U.S. Peace Corps. Michael created and ran the Project Management Center of Excellence in the AAA automobile association headquarters in Northern California, where he created best-practices and tools used throughout all project work. He has a BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering and held a Professional Engineers license in California for many years.


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