See Images in Your Desktop Outlook Email

This is a pet peeve of mine: I open an email from someone I trust, and all the images in the email are disabled—you know, you see a blank square where the image should be. Then you have to right-click the square to display the image.

Well, there is a way to fix that so that the images DO load automatically for people you trust.

First, a little Background

Outlook makes this a default global setting to avoid privacy issues and malware infections. It’s a real concern and you probably should leave this global setting as-is, and continue blocking image downloads in emails from unknown senders.

But did you know you can automatically unblock images for trusted senders? It’s incredibly easy and well worth it; you’ll no longer need to right-click images inside their emails to view them.

How to Fix This

The way to do this is you simply white-list those users in Outlook, and from then on, all mail from them will include downloaded images automatically. You do this one sender at a time, as you determine that certain senders are trusted (by the way, I recommend you do this for MY newsletters!).

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Right-click an email in the Inbox.
  2. Choose Junk.
  3. Choose Never Block Sender. Or choose Never Block Sender’s Domain (if you get trusted email from numerous addresses in that company).

That’s it! From now on all mail from that sender will auto-download images whenever you open them, saving you time and giving you more information.


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How to be an Outlook Inbox Ninja

I released an Outlook Inbox Ninja video course last spring. But for those who have not watched it, here are the main points for becoming an Outlook Inbox Ninja.

The goal of being an Inbox Ninja is this: email is not distracting you from your main work and it’s not taking you too much time to process your email. Rather, you are keeping up with email easily, getting other work done, and not missing important communications.

Here are the Specific Outcomes of being an Outlook Inbox Ninja:

  • You are able to rapidly scan mail using advanced Outlook Inbox views and tools.
  • All tasks from email are captured in an easy-to-use task system
  • Important email is filed away using very rapid filing techniques.
  • All other email is deleted using very quick scans.
  • As a result, your Inbox is nearly emptied at least once each day, easily.
  • A simple email-archiving system is put in place if your server mailbox was previously running out of space—no more mailbox full messages.

Consider taking the Outlook Inbox Ninja video course so you can easily achieve these goals. We’ve got a 20% coupon offer this week, take a look.


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Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course Pre-Black Friday 20% Coupon, Good until Wednesday Only!

Here is a Pre-Black Friday Coupon Offer, good for the next few days only.

The coupon code is PBKEZPHN. It expires end-of-day Wednesday.

To use this, go to the Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course, click either of the purchase options at the bottom, and enter that code in the Coupon Code field at checkout. You’ll get 20% off!

Again, this offer expires the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.


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Microsoft OneNote: Confused about Your Version?

A lot has happened with Windows OneNote in the last year around its versioning, and it’s now getting confusing for many people. This version confusion can influence several things that 1MTD and MYN users might be doing. So, let me sort out these different Windows OneNote versions for you.

First, let me say that I really like OneNote, which is Microsoft’s notetaking app, and I recommend it often to my 1MTD and MYN users. I use it for a lot more than just notetaking. I use it for shopping lists, for saving web links, for collecting ideas for books, and more.

In my video courses, I also recommend OneNote for small project management and for email archiving. Which video courses? I discuss using OneNote in my One-Minute Project Management Video Course and in my Outlook Inbox Ninja videos. Picking the right version is important for both courses. So for those courses, and for other reasons, let me explain current Windows OneNote versioning.    Continue reading

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Turning Off Outlook’s Focused Inbox

I helped a friend install a new Office 365 account the other day, including Outlook desktop. Throughout the day as her mail was coming in she called me and complained: “Hey, some important mail I know that was just sent to me is not in my Inbox!”

I came back to visit and found that the Focused Inbox was turned on by default, and some important mail was in fact going into her Other tab—which she didn’t know she should be checking.

We talked and agreed that the Other tab was probably not good for her and that we should turn Focused Inbox off.

How to Turn It Off

Here is how to turn off the Focused Inbox in both your Windows Outlook desktop application, and in Outlook Online if you use that. And finally, I show how to turn it off in the Outlook phone app, if you use that.

And by the way, I have a video that shows this and a lot more about Focused Inbox and the Clutter folder in my Outlook Inbox Ninja video course. See video number 2.9. It discusses why you may or may not want to use these features—what advantages and disadvantages they have—so I encourage you to watch that.

But the short steps are here:   Continue reading

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3 New Videos Added to Ninja Course

October 30, 2018

I just posted three new Archiving Outlook videos in the Outlook Inbox Ninja course, and one is free for all readers. These videos show you alternate ways to archive your Windows Outlook email and can really help you if you have limited server space! They include archiving to OneNote and archiving to PDF files. Other solutions are also shown.

Current subscribers, you should simply go to your Outlook Inbox Ninja paid videos page (whether the tasks version or the non-tasks version), log in, and watch lessons 7.4, 7.5, and 7.6.

Non-subscribers go here and scroll down to Lesson 7.4 which is free.


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Do Long Hours Lead to Success?

October 29, 2018

Periodically I post about not working ridiculously long hours—how in most cases it ultimately hurts your success. Here is another article (from another writer) with data about that:

How Many Hours a Week Should You Work? Here’s What the Research Says.


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Download a New Outlook Keyboard Shortcut Guide

October 24, 2018

Microsoft just posted a new keyboard shortcut guide to Windows Outlook, one that you can download and print out. It’s in a PowerPoint file so you need access to that app.   Continue reading

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Devices in Meetings

Oct 23, 2018

I’ve been in the business world for a long time. For the first half of that time, no one brought computers into business meetings. And having your mobile phone out during a meeting was considered rude. Of course now, all that is commonplace. Especially since using a laptop or even a smartphone for note taking is so normal.

But I sometimes wonder whether going back to “the old days” wouldn’t make sense. This recent article lists many of the objections I still hold to allowing devices in meetings:

To add a thought to that article, I still feel that using a tablet ink capability for notetaking in a meeting is a good compromise. Something about writing notes with one hand seems to leave enough awareness open for full meeting participation. In contrast, typing with two hands with a screen in your face does not. But that just might be me.

What is your opinion on this?


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New Windows Outlook Rolling Out

Oct 4, 2018

Many subscribers to Microsoft Office 365 are seeing a significantly new version of Desktop Outlook appearing in their automatic updates. There are different versions going to different people (for example members of the Insider program get a more advanced one) and for some of you, your MYN or 1MTD functionality may be affected. Here’s the story.   Continue reading

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