My Recommended Smartphone Apps

At least once a week I get an email from a curious reader asking me which smartphone app they should use for 1MTD or MYN tasks, or just for email in general. I’ll answer that in this in this article.

I have a few questions for you first:

Do you use 1MTD or do you use MYN instead? That’s a really important question.

And the next question is this: if you use 1MTD, are you planning to upgrade soon to MYN?

And finally, are you committed to managing tasks in Outlook when at your desk, or is that not a requirement?

Alright, let me explain why I ask these and what choice-answers come out of these.

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New Free PDF of book The One Minute To-Do List

I’ve just updated the free PDF version of the book The One Minute To-Do List. In that update I’ve added some info on newer products and removed some old info about Outlook and other products that no longer applies.

There are no huge changes but if you want to have the latest copy of the book, download it below. Also, the file at the standard sign-up page has been updated.

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Updates in Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course

I just updated Lesson 4.12 in the Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course to add information about using Outlook Categories in the Android app called Nine. It’s at the end of the video, starting at around the 18 min point.

And I’ve made minor updates to Lesson 6.1, about mobile processing of email.

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Android “Nine” Videos Added to Ninja and 1MTD-Outlook Courses

We just added new videos to both the Outlook Inbox Ninja video course (the one with 1MTD tasks) and to the One Minute To-Do List in Outlook video course. They are about the Android app “Nine” and they show you how to use that app with 1MTD.

To view these, in the Outlook Inbox Ninja video course paid subscribers should go watch Lesson 4.12. In the One Minute To-Do List in Outlook video course, paid subscribers should go watch video 12.

In both these new videos we show how to set the Nine app up for the One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) and generally how to use the app for viewing and adding tasks.

We also show how to convert emails into tasks, something Nine is very good at, and something that is very important for getting your email and tasks under control. And in the Ninja version of the video, we show how to apply Categories to emails.

Go take a look.

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New Videos: Microsoft To-Do Quick Start, and Sale on Course

I have finally finished the Quick Start video I promised and you can watch it free by clicking the image below. It’s about Microsoft’s flagship To-Do software that is replacing tasks nearly everywhere in the Microsoft Office app suite.

New Video Course On Sale

And I am also very excited to announce release of my latest video course: Using Microsoft To-Do with the One Minute To-do List. This is an 18-video set that teaches you all you need for getting to know Microsoft’s latest Office product to manage to-dos and tasks. The Quick Start video is the first in that set, so again, click the image below. There are more free and paid videos at this link (

The paid videos are on sale for a week or so, as an introductory offer. So check out the course at

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Outlook’s “Coming Soon” Features Are Here

Microsoft has an Office Insiders group for Microsoft Office 365 users that any user can join. Those that join receive previews of upcoming features in Outlook, and they can toggle them on and off using the Coming Soon button in the upper right corner of Outlook. Eventually, after a comment period, those features either make it into the product, or they don’t.

Well, in the last weeks it looks like a whole batch of such features that were previously only for Insiders have been moved into the main product. These include:

  • The Simplified Ribbon option
  • Slightly more space between messages in the Inbox
  • And slightly more vertical space between tasks in the To-Do Bar task list
  • Adding a yellow highlight to an entire email message listing in the Inbox if it is flagged

As a result, a lot more users are experiencing them for the first time, and might have questions on them.

So to that end, here are links to where I have documented these features.

The Simplified Ribbon and the next two features I have described here, and I cover the simplified ribbon in videos in my Outlook Inbox Ninja Course.

The last one in the list above, yellow highlights on flagged mail, has generated a slew of comments by people who want to turn it off (see that link). FYI—I don’t know how to turn it off.

Not sure what the next batch of coming soon features will be, but I will keep my eye on them.


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Current Lesson List for Upcoming 1MTD To-Do Video Course

I  have been creating a video course on how to use my simple 1MTD system with the even simpler Microsoft tasks software called To-Do. I’ve seen some good possibilities in that combination, and I talk about that here. In fact, you can get part way to using the more advanced MYN system in that combination, and it may be just the ticket for readers who are just starting in the task management world. In any case, I’ve made progress on that video course, and now have the list of lessons to show you, many of these are done.

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Guest Post: Using App “Good Task 3” on iPhone for MYN

One of my readers, Erik Wettersten, wrote me a while back and said he was using the app Good Task 3 on the iPhone and had set it up for MYN. I asked him if he could write up the experience, and here is his writeup (Unedited by me—just a few comments added). Thanks Erik!

Erik’s Write Up:

When my company’s IT upgraded their security to use multi-factor authentication it broke TaskTask.  It took a while, but I had to accept that TaskTask won’t work with this more thorough security scheme and I no longer had a way to integrate the MYN system from my desktop to my mobile device.   

Enter GoodTask,

If you find yourself in this situation, here’s what you need to know.  Note, there are some cool things you can do with GoodTask (GT) that you couldn’t do with TaskTask (TT) – especially if you enjoy a hands-free relationship with your smartphone.  So even if you don’t have to make the switch, it’s worth a look.  

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MYN Views Update

The company ClearContext Corp. has just released a new German compatible version of the MYN Views software.

As you may know, MYN Views is a Windows Desktop Outlook add in that installs the MYN configurations into your Outlook To-Do Bar, and into the Tasks folder view collection.

Up to now it only worked with English versions of Outlook. But MYN Views is now capable of installing German compatible views.

As before, you purchase the software from the ClearContext website. And all upgrade and support questions should be directed to that company through that website. (My company makes no money off these software sales and does not sell or support the software—we simply encourage its use since it is so helpful for MYN system users).

Michael Linenberger

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New Video Added to Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course: Using TaskTask with 1MTD

I just added a new video to the Outlook Inbox Ninja Course (the option with Tasks). It’s the new Lesson 4.11 on how to use iPhone app TaskTask with 1MTD. Available to all paid users, login to watch it now.

A few days ago I also added this video to the 1MTD Outlook video course. So, it’s the same video in both locations.

This video is an excellent overview of TaskTask, and how to set it up to work with 1MTD, including how to make sure drag-sorting works and syncs between Outlook and TaskTask.

With TaskTask on your iPhone or iPad, you can see and edit your tasks in both places.


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