New Video (Free): The New Outlook for Mac

I’ve just created a new free video about the optional “New Outlook” preview that is a part of the Outlook for Mac subscription desktop app. I created that video to add to the Toodledo video course, but it’s really useful for any Mac Outlook user to watch. Go to my MYN Toodledo course overview page and scroll down to free Video 26b.

Some Background

In October 2020, Microsoft added an optional New Outlook mode to it’s subscription Outlook for Mac 365. It’s essentially a preview of the next version of Outlook for Mac. You access it by selecting a button in the upper right corner, as shown here:

Once in the new Outlook preview, you’ll notice the Outlook Ribbons are gone. And the Search Box now occupies the center of the top of the window. Essentially, it’s a match for Outlook Online.

Getting Close to Formal Release

Since it was first introduced, this preview has matured some, and it is now getting close to becoming the official release version of Outlook for Mac 365. It may be the only Outlook for Mac that you can use soon. So I felt it was time to make a video about it.

In this new Outlook for Mac, the biggest change for 1MTD and MYN users is in how advanced search is done in the new Outlook. Also, groups of categorized mail are displayed very differently. The video shows you those differences.

To watch the free video, go to my MYN Toodledo course overview page and scroll down to free Video 26b.

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5 Responses to New Video (Free): The New Outlook for Mac

  1. Luke Russell says:

    It was released Oct 2020 in my memory. Oct 21 hasn’t happened yet.

  2. Michael Linenberger says:

    Thanks for the catch! Correction made.

  3. Thank you for sharing a very meaningful article, I think it will be very helpful for me and everyone.

  4. Let’s hope your assumption regarding the new owners is right.

  5. Solar says:

    Your writing is so relatable. It’s like you’re taking the thoughts right out of my head.

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