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Big Tip for Successful Task Management: Deprioritize Aggressively

Every professional I know gets far more tasks handed to them each day than they can possibly act on. So, here’s a tip that will help you be successful with managing an overwhelming list of tasks. You Must Deprioritize Aggressively … Continue reading

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Update on Windows Desktop Outlook Tasks Sunsetting

This is a good time for me to update you regarding the article I wrote a few months ago—the one about how Microsoft appears to be sunsetting the Tasks module on Windows Desktop Outlook and how you should hold back … Continue reading

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Bug in UK and Australia Windows Outlook that Affects MYN Users 

Windows Desktop Outlook users in the UK and Australia are reporting a bug in an incremental update of their Outlook modules, and it it changes how the To-Do Bar shows tasks for MYN. Tasks dated today are not working right. … Continue reading

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Microsoft 365 Subscribers: If Using MYN, Wait Before Updating to New Windows Outlook

If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, then be aware that major changes in Windows Desktop Outlook are arriving in an update rolling out soon to your Windows computer. And if you are an MYN System user with tasks stored … Continue reading

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Resolve to Get Tasks and Email Under Control in 2023

It’s January again, and the new year’s resolution season is upon us. So, let’s resolve to get tasks and email under control. It’s good to tackle both tasks and email together since, in many businesses, up to 90% of new … Continue reading

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Task Angel 2.0 Released: A Great MYN App

I received this notification from Andrew Boswell, the UK developer of the Task Angel Online app that supports MYN so well. Recall I wrote about this app back in January. This looks like a nice update! See discussion below. Michael. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: You Don’t Need Another App

You Don’t Need Another AppBy Charles Olsen I follow some of the message boards on Reddit, including the Subreddit for the Things app from Cultured Code. I recently saw a message from someone asking for recommendations for an alternative to … Continue reading

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Good News in the May Windows Desktop Outlook Beta Preview

[May 20, 2023 Update: See this link for new information on this topic before reading below:] June 9, 2022: Microsoft in May (2022) released a beta preview of their upcoming new Windows Desktop Outlook, and it contains good news … Continue reading

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TaskAngel Online: A New Recommended MYN App

I’ve recently been collaborating with a software developer to help create a new tasks app, one that implements nearly all MYN principles in a simple way. The developer is an avid MYN user and was eager to do it. An … Continue reading

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Prioritizing Tasks for the New Year

Here it is, the new year, and I bet you will soon list a bunch of goals and to-dos for 2022. Not a bad idea! But this year, I encourage you to get realistic about how you set their priorities. … Continue reading

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