Task Angel 2.0 Released: A Great MYN App

I received this notification from Andrew Boswell, the UK developer of the Task Angel Online app that supports MYN so well. Recall I wrote about this app back in January. This looks like a nice update! See discussion below. Michael.

From Andrew Boswell
November 22, 2022

I am pleased to say a new version of TaskAngel is now available. This is a big update, version 2.0, aimed at making TaskAngel even easier to use. Just browse to app.taskangel.com as usual.

Here are the main changes.

New home page is your hub and dashboard

In this version, TaskAngel has a new home page with a dashboard of all your tasks, notes, folders, goals and contexts.

Use the home page overview to jump right to your lists of tasks and notes, and your lists of folders, goals and contexts. And you can go to a list of your most recently added or changed notes.

If you have selected Set Up for MYN on the Settings page, the home page shows how many Critical Now tasks you have. If you aren’t using MYN, it shows how many tasks are due today.

If you want, personalize TaskAngel with your name and photo, using the Profile button at the top right corner.

New Note Editor provides rich formatting

We have redesigned the Note Editor for ease of use. There is a new menu and toolbar, to control formatting and make it easy to copy and paste. It’s great for copying emails into tasks.

When you type a web address and then tap Save, it is converted to a link for you to browse to.

Every Task, Folder, Context or Goal has an embedded note for you to record a description or other details. Even more, you can have stand-alone notes, and put them into folders or give them hashtags.

Power users can still format notes using Markdown codes, just use the Code switch in the note editor.

The note editor is powered by Tiny, an awesome technology for editing rich text. It even has a word count to help you with your blog posts or whatever.

Other improvements

We have made lots of minor improvements, and fixed bugs. For example, the date picker wasn’t working reliably in the Task Editor, so we have redesigned it.

The Settings Page has also been redesigned, to make it more reliable. Please check it still has the settings you want.

I hope you like TaskAngel 2.0. Please let me know what you think of it.

Andrew Boswell

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