Bug in UK and Australia Windows Outlook that Affects MYN Users 

Windows Desktop Outlook users in the UK and Australia are reporting a bug in an incremental update of their Outlook modules, and it it changes how the To-Do Bar shows tasks for MYN. Tasks dated today are not working right. But there is a fix.

The fix is this: You must edit the Start Date Today filter in the To Do Bar MYN configurations, and put quotation marks around the word “Today” in that filter. Simply adding those quotation marks will fix it. 

For full details on how to edit the filters in the MYN configured To-Do Bar, see Chapter/Lesson 3 of my Outlook book. Or study Video Lessons #8 and #9 in my Outlook video course, or Lessons #4.10 through #4.12 in the Super Outlook Ninja video course (the one that includes MYN).

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13 Responses to Bug in UK and Australia Windows Outlook that Affects MYN Users 

  1. Sachin says:

    Mike, any updates on the problem of losing access to Tasks used for MYN? I have shut off my updates for Microsoft 365 based on this blog. I am a regular MYN user for many years and do not want to lose access to MYN on Outlook. Thanks!

  2. slope game says:

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this, Michael. It seems that I will probably switch to utilizing Todoist exclusively in the near future.

  3. Drive Mad says:

    As a result of reading this blog post, I turned off automatic updates for Microsoft 365. I have been using MYN for years and would hate to have to switch email clients. Thanks!

  4. Michael A. Lake says:

    “Hey there! I recently read an article on how to prepare for coding interviews, and it emphasized the importance of staying updated with software and potential bugs. Speaking of which, I came across this post about the bug affecting MYN users in UK and Australia. It’s so crucial to be aware of these things, especially when relying on tools like Outlook for daily tasks. Thanks for sharing the fix! 😊 By the way, has anyone else experienced similar issues with other software after updates? I’m curious to know how common this is. 🤔
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  8. Billie says:

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  12. --Mario says:

    Looks like this has now been resolved. You can use “Today” without the double quotes. Indeed, if your To-Do bar starts not making any sense, it could mean that your Outlook has been updated to the latest, fixed, version. Drove me nuts until I reset all formatting to defaults and started anew.

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