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Do you have hundreds and hundreds of to-dos on your daily task list? Are you so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to begin? And is your Outlook e-mail Inbox full of un-reconciled action requests that you know you are way behind on? Does the stress and confusion of all this bog down your workday, and even bog down your sense of well-being?

Well, if so, this class is for you. It’s all about using Windows Desktop Outlook (2013, 2016, 2019, and 365) to get complete control of your email and workday tasks using my powerful MYN system.

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These are high-quality online streaming videos that present Linenberger's MYN-Outlook material, a class that teaches you how to get complete control of your e-mail and workday tasks. Over many lessons you'll see videos of Outlook in action, with my voice-overs, presenting key principles of Outlook mastery. Scroll down to see some video previews. The primary set of 40 videos (released Aug 2019) is for the latest versions of Windows Desktop Outlook for Office 365, and also covers versions back to 2013.

Well Beyond 1MTD

If you are ready to graduate from the 1MTD (One Minute To-Do List) teachings, then this class is for you. Or start here as your first course. If you are a very busy professional juggling hundreds of e-mails and workday tasks this class is for you. The class goes well beyond the introductory teachings of 1MTD and shows you how to control high volumes of e-mails and tasks.

Based on the #1 Bestselling Outlook Book!

This class is based on, and can even take the place of, most of Michael Linenberger's Outlook book Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook (Ed 5)! Let's face it, books can be boring, so why not have the core contents presented to you! The videos are presented in a multimedia format that informs and entertains while teaching you valuable skills. This training will have you up and running on the powerful MYN-Outlook e-mail and task management system in no time.

Same Content as Live Corporate and Webinar training

And by the way, this is the same live course material that Michael gives in his corporate trainings and in his webinars... in fact, it goes beyond that in many ways (for example, in the mobile device section). So know that you are getting the best version of Michael's highly regarded Outlook MYN training that thousands have taken.

Video List (6 Sections)

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Lesson 0
Quick Start, Getting Started Video (Free Video)15 min. Get started quickly by using The One Minute To-Do List
Lesson 1
Solving Workday Problems15 min. Review of today's workday problems, and the MYN solution.
Lesson 2a
Outlook Versions Recommended8 min. Which versions of Outlook are best to use along with this course.
Lesson 2b
Navigating Outlook Tasks, Overview15/29 min. Where to find the tasks system in Outlook for MYN.
Lesson 3
Creating Outlook Tasks12 min. How to create new Outlook Tasks (quick & complete way).
Lesson 4
Outlook Flagged Mail Tasks13/29 min. What they are, problems, and MYN uses of.
Lesson 5
The Outlook Tasks Folder12 min. Where it is, how to use it, and why we use it in MYN.
Lesson 6
Converting E-mails to Tasks Drag and Drop10 min. Why it is so important in MYN, how to do it.
Lesson 7a
The MYN Theory Part 1: How and Why it Works17 min. The powerful theory behind the MYN system and The One Minute To-Do List.
Lesson 7b
The MYN Theory Part 2: Beyond the One Minute To-Do List15 min. How MYN takes you beyond the One Minute To-Do List.
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Lesson 8
MYN Rapid Configurations18 min. Entering all MYN Configs quickly.
Lesson 9a
Full MYN Configurations Part 119/27 min. All config steps including fixes for error situations.
Lesson 9b
Full MYN Configurations Part 213 min. All config steps including fixes for error situations.
Lesson 10
Exercising and Testing the MYN Configs16 min. Demonstrating and testing the MYN configs.
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Lesson 11a
Types of Tasks in MYN, Setting Deadlines17 min. Various task types for MYN. How to set deadlines.
Lesson 11b
Importance of Start Dates in MYN (Free Video)17 min. How to use start dates effectively in MYN.
Lesson 12
Powerful Idea: Follow-Up Tasks13 min. Ensure promises others make to you arrive by tracking them.
Lesson 13
Defer to Review and Recurring Tasks21 min. Control long list of tasks and set recurring tasks.
Lesson 14
Managing Larger Tasks16 min. What about large tasks, how to manage in Outlook.
Lesson 15
Target Now Tasks in MYN6 min. An optional 4th urgency zone helps control very busy days.
Lesson 16
Wrapping Up Tasks in MYN14 min. Final tips on using tasks in MYN.
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Lesson 17
Intro to Emptying the Inbox (Free Video)21 min. MYN principles that enable you to empty your Inbox
Lesson 18
Advanced Search in Outlook15 min. Advanced ways to use Search to find Outlook e-mail.
Lesson 19
Using Outlook Categories to File Mail13/26 min. Categories are much faster than using multiple folders.
Lesson 20
Transitioning to MYN Filing17 min. Strategies to transition to a single folder with categories.
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Lesson 21
Mobile Strategies w/o 3rd Party Apps17 min. 24 min. Strategies if you cannot install/use non-native apps.
Lesson 22a
Mobile MYN with Windows Tablet33 min. How to optimize use of Outlook on a Windows tablet.
Lesson 22b
TaskTask iPhone App for MYN tasks23 min. MYN 3rd-party iPhone tasks solution.
Lesson 22c
"Nine" Android App for MYN tasks15 min. MYN 3rd-party Android tasks and email solution.
Lesson 22d
Preside iPhone App for MYN email and tasks17 min. An advanced app that does it all, for the power user.
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Lesson 23
Using Rules for Outlook Categories (Free Video)14 min. How to create outlook rules to auto apply categories
Lesson 24a
Using Quick Steps Automation for Filing14 min. Creating buttons for fast filing emails.
Lesson 24b
Using Quick Steps for Tasking Mail3 min. Creating buttons for converting emails into tasks.
Lesson 25
Limiting New E-Mail Notifications6 min. Only show notifications for certain senders in Outlook.
Lesson 26
Inbox Compact Layout17 min. 15 min. Using and adjusting Inbox Compact Layout in Outlook.
Lesson 27
Quick Navigation Buttons5 min. A faster way to navigate among major Outlook modules.
Lesson 28
Mimic Subfolders with Categories3 min. Using multi-categories to fine mail fast.
Lesson 29
Using the MYN Views Outlook Add-in (Free Video)8 min. A Quick Way to install and restore MYN To-Do Bar settings.
Lesson 30
Custom To-Do Bar Views7/22 min. Creating and selecting custom views in the To-Do Bar.
Lesson 31
The Simplified Ribbon Update8 min. A new design to the Outlook Ribbon menu that greatly simplifies things.
Lesson 32
A Custom Tasks Folder View: Defer-to-Review Tasks13 min. A Custom Tasks Folder View that allows you to see and plan all your future Defer-to-Review Tasks.
Lesson 33
A Custom Tasks Folder View: All Now Tasks12 min. A Custom Tasks Folder View that allows you to see and plan Alll your future Tasks.
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