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Take the Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course
by Michael Linenberger

(For Windows Desktop Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, and 365)

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How the Outlook Inbox Ninja System Works

You'll learn the powerful "Ninja Scan" and the three steps to inbox control

Step 1

Use Ninja to “Can” Mail
Once you quickly “can” or eliminate low value mail (some you’ll delete, some you’ll quick-file, much of that automatically, all using Ninja techniques), then the important email will jump out at you.

Step 2

Use Nina to Triage Mail
Sort your “good” mail quickly by adding Ninja “Tags, Flags, and Tasks” as you go. After steps 1 and 2 you have a clean and nearly empty Inbox and you’ll know exactly what to jump on next!

Step 3

Get Work Done!
After the cleaning and triaging, your work is prioritized (Using the Ninja Tags, Flags, and Tasks), and you’ll know just what to do next! The stress drops off your day and you can get real work done.

What's in the Course?
48 to 80 high-quality training videos.
Learn to Conquer your Inbox at your own speed.


Free Introduction Video: Becoming an Outlook Inbox Ninja (5 min)

Section 1: Speedy Inbox Cleaning & Filing During the Ninja Scan

Enjoy a near-empty Inbox using the quick filing techniques shown in this section. Learn how to use the Inbox for triaging mail instead of for bulk storage or task management.

Video 1.1: Free: Introduction to Inbox Ninja Mail Filing (4 min)
Video 1.2: Using a Primary Single Folder to File Most Mail (16 min)
Video 1.3: Using Multiple Outlook Folders (11 min)
Video 1.4: Using the Archive Folder and Button in Outlook 2016 and later (9 min)
Video 1.5: Getting a Big Inbox Emptied for First Time (7 min)
Video 1.6: Using Outlook Categories for Fast Topic Filing (12 min)
Video 1.7: Free: Strategies for Choosing Outlook Categories (13 min)
Video 1.8: Using Quick Steps to Fast File Mail (10 min)
Video 1.9: Optional Strategies for Filing Sent mail (9 min)
Video 1.10: Outlook’s Conversation Cleanup for Fast Cleaning of Inbox (11 min)
NEW! Video 1.11: Free: Using Outlook Retention Policies to Auto-Delete Mail (7 min)
NEW! Video 1.12: Quick Steps and Retention Policies (9 min)
NEW! Video 1.13: Free: Reducing Ongoing Email Conversations (7 min)

Section 2: Using Outlook Rules to Automate the Ninja Scan

Auto-file or delete much mail using powerful Outlook rules. You may have tried rules before, but this section teaches new techniques I know you've never used, ones that can auto-process up to 70% of your incoming mail.

Video 2.1: Free: Introduction to Outlook Rules (6 min)
Video 2.2: Spam Filters and More for Filtering Mail (8 min)
Video 2.3: Using Rules to Auto Assign Outlook Categories to Mail (14 min)
Video 2.4: Using Outlook Rules for Auto Folder Filing and for Difficult Junk Mail (15 min)
Video 2.5: Using Outlook Rules for Auto Forward and Auto Replies (8 min)
Video 2.6: Using Rules to Auto Categorize Sent Items (4 min)
Video 2.7: Using Rules to Limit Email Notifications only to VIPs (7 min)
Video 2.8: Managing Your Rules (8 min)
Video 2.9: Microsoft’s Focused Inbox tab, Other tab, and Clutter folder (14 min)
NEW! Video 2.10: Using Retention Policies with Rules (10 min)

Section 3: Advanced Search Tools that Make the Ninja Process Powerful

It is easy to get much better at using Outlook Search, and when you do, filing is quicker because you will need to topic file much less. This section shows how.

Video 3.1: Free: Introduction to Advanced Outlook Search Tools (2 min)
Video 3.2: Mastering Outlook Search to Find Mail Fast (16 min)
Video 3.3: Outlook Search Advanced Settings (10 min)
Video 3.4: Using Search Folders to Collect Client and Project Mail, Part 1 (12 min)
Video 3.5: Using Search Folders to Collect Client and Project Mail, Part 2 (14 min)
Video 3.6: Creating the All Mail Search Folder if Using Lots of Folders (6 min)
Video 3.7: Free: Controlling Search Return Counts (10 min)
Video 3.8: Free: Outlook's New Search Box *NEW!* (11 min)

Section 4: 1MTD--Tasking Email During the Ninja Scan (12 videos, optional for a higher price)

In this first of two optional task sections, you will learn the full 1MTD task system in Outlook. Opt for this section if you have a relatively light task load but want to get it under control. This is an important part of the Ninja Scan because it gives you a way to get action emails out of you Inbox and prioritized for action.

Below are all the videos from my One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) Video Course in Windows Outlook, in case you have not yet studied that.

Video 4.1: Free: Introduction to Tasking Your Email (10 min)
Video 4.2: Tasking Your Mail with The One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) System (16 min)
Video 4.3: Flagging Mail vs. Tasking Mail in Outlook (8 min)
Video 4.4: Urgency Zones and Priorities in 1MTD (5 min)
Video 4.5: Urgency Zones Review Cycles and Size Limits (8 min)
Video 4.6: Creating Deadlines in 1MTD Tasks (9 min)
Video 4.7: Using the Due Date Field in 1MTD (21 min)
Video 4.8: Using a Quick Step to Task Mail (5 min)
Video 4.9: Extending 1MTD for More Tasks *NEW!* (9 min)
Video 4.10: Using Target Now in 1MTD *NEW!* (7 min)
Video 4.11: Using iPhone App TaskTask with 1MTD *NEW!* (16 min)
Video 4.12: Using Android App Nine with 1MTD *NEW!* (22 min)

NEW! Section 4 Super Ninja Tasking with MYN (32 optional videos for a higher price)

In this second of two optional task sections, you will learn the full MYN task system in Outlook. Opt for this section (instead of 1MTD) if you have a *high* task load (more than 100 open to-dos) and want to get it under control. Tasking emails is an important part of the Ninja Scan because it gives you a way to get action emails out of you Inbox and prioritized for action. Purchase includes PDF copy of Michael's MYN book "Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook, Ed. 5".

Below are all the videos from my MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training, with a few videos removed that overlap with other Ninja videos in this course.

Video 4.1: Free: The Need for Task Management (17 min)
Video 4.2: Free: Quick Start (19 min)
Video 4.3: Navigating Outlook Task, an Overview (27 min)
Video 4.4: Creating New Outlook Tasks (13 min)
Video 4.5: Outlook Flagged Mail Tasks (26 min)
Video 4.6: Free: The Outlook Tasks Folder (12 min)
Video 4.7: Converting Email to Tasks by Drag and Drop (12 min)
Video 4.8: MYN Theory Part 1: How and Why it Works (17 min)
Video 4.9: MYN Theory Part 2: Beyond the One Minute To-Do List (20 min)
Video 4.10: Rapid To-Do Bar MYN Configurations (9 min)
Video 4.11: Full To-Do Bar MYN Configurations Part 1 (28 min)
Video 4.12: Full To-Do Bar MYN Configurations Part 2 (14 min)
Video 4.13: Exercising and Testing the Configurations (16 min)
Video 4.14: Types of Tasks in MYN (9 min)
Video 4.15: Setting Deadlines in MYN (9 min)
Video 4.16: Free: Importance of Start Dates in MYN (17 min)
Video 4.17: Powerful Idea: MYN Follow-Up Tasks (13 min)
Video 4.18: MYN Defer-to-Review and Recurring Tasks (24 min)
Video 4.19: Managing Larger Tasks (17 min)
Video 4.20: Target Now Tasks: Your Most Imporant Medium Tasks (6 min)
Video 4.21: Wrapping Up Outlook Tasks in MYN (14 min)
Video 4.22: Mobile Strategies without Third Party Apps (24 min)
Video 4.23: Mobile MYN with Windows Tablet (35 min)
Video 4.24: TaskTask iPhone App for MYN Tasks (23 min)
Video 4.25: "Nine" Android App for MYN Tasks (16 min)
Video 4.26: Preside iPhone App for MYN Email and Tasks (17 min)
Video 4.27: Outlook Quick Navigation Buttons (5 min)
Video 4.28: Free: MYN Views Outlook Add-In (8 min)
Video 4.29: Defer to Review Custom Tasks Folder View (13 min)
Video 4.30: All Now Tasks--Custom Tasks Folder View (12 min)
Video 4.31: Creating Custom To-Bar Views (22 min)
Video 4.32: Quick Steps to Convert Emails to Tasks (4 min)

Section 5: Putting it All Together: The Inbox Ninja Steps

Now you are ready to do the Ninja Scan to quickly clear your Inbox of any mail not auto-processed. This section shows how.

Video 5.1: Outlook Setup for the Ninja Scan: Key Buttons (12 min)
Video 5.2: Outlook Setup for the Ninja Scan: Key Inbox Views (5 min)
Video 5.3: Performing the First Ninja Scan: Cleanup (30 min)
Video 5.4: Performing the Ninja Scan #2: Reading Mail Content to Triage It (20 min)
Video 5.5: Ninja Step 3, Getting Work Done (9 min)

Section 6: Mobile Mail Processing

We all use smartphones and many of us use small tablets. This section shows how to fit these in with Ninja Inbox processing.

Video 6.1: Smartphone Mail Processing (9 min)
Video 6.2: The Place for Outlook Online and Outlook Mac (16 min)
NEW! Video 6.3: iPhone Mail App Task Conversion (6 min)

Section 7: Archiving and AutoArchiving Mail

If you have storage space limitations, or simply want to clean up your Outlook folders, learn how with built-in archiving tools

Video 7.1: Free: Introduction to True Archiving (2 min)
Video 7.2: Using PST files to Make Space on Server (18 min)
Video 7.3: Using AutoArchive to Automatically Archive Old Mail (27 min)
Video 7.4: Free: Intro to Archiving w/o PST and Using OneNote (10 min) *NEW!*
Video 7.5: Archiving w/o PST Using Other Mail Accounts (13 min) *NEW!*
Video 7.6: Archiving w/o PST Using PDF Files (27 min) *NEW!*
Video 7.7: Exchange Online (In-Place) Archive (23 min) *NEW!*

Section 8: Miscellaneous Outlook Tools and Tips

Some optional but useful skills to make your Outlook usage even more powerful.

Video 8.1: Free: Specifiying When an Email Will be Sent (4 min)
Video 8.2: Free: Using Outlook's Simplified Ribbon (8 min) *NEW!*
NEW! Video 8.3: Creating Custom Retention Policies (16 min)
NEW! Video 8.4: Showing More Old Mail in Folders (12 min)
NEW! Video 8.5: Advanced Quick Filing (16 min)
NEW! Video 8.6: Adding Useful Quick Action Buttons to Outlook (8 min)


Unsolicited comment from a recent user: "I have watched and practiced 80% of the trainings. The concept is fantastic. I have processed 60-70% of my inbox on my first ninja scan - all emails from the last 10 days! I haven't had that in a long time. And all this in a very short time and above all with the feeling that nothing important has really been forgotten."

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Outlook Inbox Ninja video set and its various versions and pricings:


Q: What Versions of Outlook does this go with, or support?

A: This course assumes you use Windows Desktop Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, or 365. And we assume you are using Exchange or as your mail server.


Q: Are the Ninja videos in Super Ninja different from the non-super Ninja set?

A: No, other than section 4 (tasks) all the Ninja videos are the same in all Ninja product sets. But note this, In the last months I've increased the plain (non-task) video count in Nina up from 35 videos to 48 videos. These new videos are available in all Ninja versions. So, if you have not looked at the Ninja course offering for a while, take another look


Q: If I buy or upgrade to the new MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training you just released, can I upgrade to Super Ninja at a reduced price later?

A: Yes, the discount prices above for MYN purchased after Aug 1 2018 will also apply if you buy or upgrade to the new MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training set.


Q: Are the MYN tasks videos in section 4 of the Super Ninja set different from the videos in the new MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training set?

A: A little bit. First, any videos that have to do with email filing and processing in the MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training set are removed in the Ninja MYN version (in section 4), because the other sections in Ninja cover those topics better. For example, the MYN Outlook Video set has one video about using Outlook Rules, and Ninja has ten videos about Using Outlook Rules. So that single video on Rules in MYN is not included in the Super Ninja MYN set, it would be redundant. Second (minor): lesson numbers are different to fit the videos logically into the Ninja set. Other than that, they are the same videos and you can learn the MYN tasks system by using either section 4 of Super Ninja or using the MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training set.


Q: So what's the point of combining the two courses together in Super Ninja if they are essentially the same as the standalone courses? Isn't this just a clever repackaging?

A: There are three main goals of combining MYN with Ninja in the new Super Ninja course. #1: to provide an integrated one-stop course. That way you don't need to jump between the two courses. #2: If you know you are going to study both courses, the super-ninja course removes the overlapping videos and so prevents you from wasting time on them. (You will notice, by the way, that the price is adjusted lower to account for that removal, so you save money by getting them together). #3: The MYN videos in Super Ninja have been modified to refer to specific Ninja Inbox processing lessons that compliment MYN--so the two courses work better when placed together like this.


Q: Help me decide, should I start with the MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training set? Or should I start with Ninja?

A: If your problems at work are primarily feeling overloaded with tasks, then start with the MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training Set (or get super Ninja and start in section 4). And in contrast, if your problems are primarily an overloaded Outlook Inbox that is driving you crazy, then start with Ninja. If you have both problems, then get Super Ninja.


Q: Help me decide, should I get Ninja with MYN tasks in section 4 (super Ninja)? Or should I get Ninja with 1MTD in section 4?

A: If you have over 100 open to-dos and are very busy, get the MYN version. If your tasks load is lighter than that, get the 1MTD version.


Q: Why would I buy Ninja without any tasks section (no Section 4)?

A: If you have zero issues with too many tasks, that's one reason. Or if you already have the MYN or 1MTD task system in place and don't need a repeat. In any of those cases, you can save a little money by getting Ninja without tasks.


Q: Is the content of the Ninja Inbox management videos covered in any of your books?

A: Mostly no. A couple of the videos correspond to small sections in the Total Workday Control book, but 90% of Ninja is not covered in any book.

About Michael Linenberger

Michael Linenberger is the author of eight workday productivity books including Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook which has been the number 1 bestselling book on Microsoft Outlook for over 9 years, and is author of the book The One Minute To-Do List. Michael teaches corporate clients how to apply best practices of time, task, and e-mail management to get ahead of an out-of-control e-mail inbox and workday. Michael has been written up in the business magazines Fast Company and Investor's Business Daily for his unique common-sense approach to e-mail control, and has been called “The Efficiency Guru” by the Detroit News. He has been a management consultant and technology professional for more than 25 years, and was a Vice President at Accenture. Before Accenture, Michael led the technology department at U.S. Peace Corps. Michael created and ran the Project Management Center of Excellence in the AAA automobile association headquarters in Northern California, where he created best-practices and tools used throughout all project work. He has a BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering and held a Professional Engineers license in California for many years.


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