Drag and Drop Prioritizing in MYN-1MTD Apps

One of my favorite features for any to-do list app is drag and drop prioritizing. By that I mean the ability to drag an app in the task list up or down to reposition it—thus changing its relative priority. Many apps have it, others don’t, but it’s a real time-saving advantage if they do.

Rare in Apps with MYN Settings

While this feature is common for many apps, it is rarer to see drag and drop prioritizing in apps once they are set up for MYN. That’s because with MYN settings, tasks are sorted first on urgency zone groups and then by start date (with newest tasks at top). And in most apps, once you designate sorting based on a field value like that, by necessity the app turns off the ability to drag-position the sorting. Rather, to re-sort the tasks, you need to manually change the value in the field on the task (usually priority or start date), and that normally takes a few more steps. So it’s slower.

The only app so far that fully retains drag and drop capability after set up for MYN is Things 3, once set up per this article. I discuss that more below.

Other apps, even with MYN settings, still retain limited drag-sort capability. In Windows Desktop Outlook tasks, for example, even when set up for MYN, you can drag tasks across urgency zone (priority) groups and change the priority value that way. And within a priority group, you can drag-sort them within a given start date value, if there are more than one tasks with the same start date. But you cannot drag beyond a given date, so it’s not a full solution.

Common in 1MTD Apps

Drag sorting is common in apps set up for 1MTD because 1MTD does not rely on start date sorting within urgency zone groups; no sorting at all is needed. So that allows the app to retain any inherent drag-sort capability they have.

The four best examples of this are Microsoft To Do, Google Tasks, Things, and Todoist. All four have an excellent drag-sort capability, and all work well for 1MTD. That’s the primary reason I recommend these first for 1MTD users.

Of these four, Todoist has the best advanced feature set when used for MYN, so choose it if you think you might upgrade later. But note, once you add the MYN settings to Todoist, it loses its drag-sort ability.

And as I mentioned above, the app Things can also be used for MYN, and it has the unique advantage that you can still use drag and drop, even when set for MYN, which is a real plus. No other apps can do that. That said, it only works on Apple products, and it does not have as many features as Todoist. And there is no browser version.

Most other apps, even with 1MTD settings, don’t have any drag-sort ability. For example Toodledo and TaskAngel don’t have it. Because of that, I don’t recommend those as your best 1MTD choices—they are better for MYN.

Best of Both Worlds

The best of both worlds would be to have an app that, even once set up for MYN start date sorting, also lets you drag tasks up and down and change the start date when doing so. But there is currently no app that allows that.

That’s why I have been in conversations with the maker of TaskAngel Online, a recommended MYN app, asking him if it can be done. He’s a big fan of MYN, and so says “yes,” he’ll do it—he has added it to his development list. I’ll let you know when that upgrade is released. However, his is a small company and such development could take a while.

In the meantime, choose the app that best meets your MYN or 1MTD needs. I give recommendations, at this link.

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6 Responses to Drag and Drop Prioritizing in MYN-1MTD Apps

  1. retro bowl says:

    The ideal software would allow you to move tasks up and down and adjust the start date while doing so, even after being configured for MYN start date sorting. But there isn’t an app available right now that does that.

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  3. Eggy Car says:

    Prioritizing tasks using drag and drop is a great addition to any task management system. And in most apps, the option to drag-position the sorting is disabled after you choose sorting based on a field value like that.

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  6. Emeliasanford says:

    Todoist has the best advanced feature set when used for MYN, so choose it if you think you might upgrade later. Drift Boss

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