What App Should You Use for MYN or 1MTD?

Whenever I write an article or create a video about a new MYN or 1MTD enabled app, I immediately get a slew of emails asking if I recommend one app above all others.

Well, here’s my answer: No, there is not one app that is best for everyone.

While I might occasionally add a new app to the MYN or 1MTD list, and maybe get a bit excited about what it offers, I almost never abandon an older app. Rather each app has its plusses and minuses, ones that may or may not make it right for you. So study each of my recommended apps; try them out and see how they fit your needs. Only then can you decide what’s right for you. That said, here are some general recommendations to get you started.

General App Recommendations

For 1MTD:

  • Microsoft To Do and Gmail Tasks are, hands down, the best apps to use for 1MTD due to integration with their corresponding ecosystems. Both implement 1MTD well with drag and drop prioritizing. Both link extremely well with ecosystem email and other products. And both have great mobile options. But neither one has advancement paths to MYN.
  • Windows Outlook Tasks module is excellent for 1MTD too, has good linkage to Outlook email, and a great advancement path to MYN. But it has no good native smartphone apps (must use 3rd party apps), and no direct browser support. As of mid 2023, Microsoft began removing the Tasks module from its latest releases of Desktop Outlook.
  • Things is an Apple-only app (Mac and iOS) that has easy to use features and deep integration with other Apple software. Using it for 1MTD makes sense with a nice upgrade path to MYN with MYN-capable drag and drop. However it has no browser access to your tasks. See this video course: https://www.michaellinenberger.com/MYN-Things/things-video-course.html
  • Todoist is a very popular app and has the best multi-device support of all (PC, Mac, any smartphone, smartwatch, etc.). Sporting a simple modern interface, it also has tons of optional features, with drag and drop prioritizing while in 1MTD mode only. See this video course: https://www.michaellinenberger.com/MYN-Todoist/
  • Other apps are better for MYN (see below) and have compromises for 1MTD (like no drag and drop priority setting); but all can be used with 1MTD.

For MYN:

  • TaskAngel Online is a new MYN app choice I’ve just added. Its Auto Urgency feature is pretty incredible; that feature alone may make it worth the switch for you (it did for me). This web-based app is clean and very simple to use for MYN. But it’s a young app, a bit rough around the edges, and it has many features still under development (e.g. email integration). It’s current web-based PWA smartphone solution is really good too, but only for those with a large smartphone screen.
  • Windows Desktop Outlook’s Tasks module is still best if a Windows PC is your only to-do list device. It’s the best app on a PC if you want maximum email linkage and tons of customization ability. However there is no native smartphone app. It takes a bit of thought to use and so takes more study.
  • Todoist is a very popular app and has the best multi-device support of all (PC, Mac, any smartphone, smartwatch, etc.). Sporting a simple modern interface, it also has tons of optional features—so many it can take a while to learn them all. MYN customization is less implemented than others but works well. See this video course: https://www.michaellinenberger.com/MYN-Todoist/
  • Things is a fantastic app to use for MYN—it’s what I use these days—and it has the unique advantage that you can still use drag and drop, even when set for MYN, which is a real plus; no other apps can do that. This is a slick Apple-only app, with deep links to the Apple ecosystem, (but no browser version). It does not have as many project and collaboration features as Todoist, but it offers drag and drop email conversion with Mac mail apps. See this video course: https://www.michaellinenberger.com/MYN-Things/things-video-course.html
  • Toodledo is good for multi-device support (Mac, PC, phone). It has nearly unlimited customization potential—the most features of any tasks app—and the most MYN presets of all apps. It is a bit harder to learn and it’s a bit dated in appearance. The iPhone app is currently under fresh development.

I’ve created a detailed comparison table for your consideration. Go to this link.

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14 Responses to What App Should You Use for MYN or 1MTD?

  1. Kevin Grierson says:

    I use your system with Outlook on the PC and link it to MS ToDo on my phone and iPad. While it does not permit the same views as MS Outlook’s tasks, it does at least allow you to review your task list and add tasks (or mark them done) as needed when away from your desk.

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  5. Candice Boshoff says:

    Does anyone use the MYN system with Asana?

  6. drift boss says:

    You can at least examine your task list and create tasks, however it does not provide the same views as MS Outlook’s tasks.

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