New Cheat Sheet for 1MTD & MYN

I’ve just created a cheat sheet for 1MTD and MYN users who need a review or introduction to the system basics. Mostly, it shows how the Urgency Zones work in a quick overview.

You can download a free printable PDF of this cheat sheet at this link.

Also, the brand new free 4-min video I just made walks you through all the points on this cheat sheet, so you might want to watch that too.


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5 Responses to New Cheat Sheet for 1MTD & MYN

  1. Excellent summary review. Thank you!

  2. Foodle says:

    Your blog is fantastic; I learned a lot from reading it. In an effort to show my support, I intend to frequent the blog.

  3. How to download the sheet? The link to your PDF file does not seem to be working.

  4. quordle says:

    I get ideas from people who make new things. How great it is to see something new being made

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