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What's in the Outlook Seminars

“Michael’s training helps me to translate an in-box full of information into focused tasks.”

Devon Johnson, Portfolio Manager, CSAA

Training Contents

6-hr Day: 4-modules (1.5-hrs each)

(The 4-hour class option includes same, just less of each)

Module 1

E-Mail and Task Problems in the Modern Office Place

  • E-mail leads to more business interactions, work, churn
  • Staff (wrongly) try to use Inbox as a Task Manager
  • Staff do not have tools for effective prioritizing

Solution: Use Microsoft Outlook Smarter

Step 1: Learning Outlook’s Task Management System

  • Outlook Task Manager Basics
  • Reconfiguring Outlook’s Task System so it Works

Hands-on Exercises

Module 2

Introducing Linenberger’s Master-Your-Now! (MYN) Outlook System

  • Identifying Your Four Urgency Zones
  • How to track and manage tasks inside your Urgency Zones using Outlook

Using the MYN Outlook System to Get Control of Your Workday

  • Using the FRESH-Prioritization approach
  • The Importance of using Start Dates
  • Managing Deadlines Correctly
  • Converting E-mails to Tasks: the Key to Inbox Control
  • Using Follow-Up Tasks to Stay on Top of Loose Ends

Hands-on Exercises

Module 3

A New Way to Master your Workday using the MYN Outlook System

  • Working your First priorities: MYN Critical-Now Tasks and how to manage them
  • Working your Second priorities: Using MYN Target-Now tasks in Outlook
  • Working your Third priorities: Using MYN Opportunity-Now Tasks in Outlook
  • Using Next Actions to Manage Work and knock-loose stuck Tasks

Control Work Overload by Scheduling Strategic Deferrals:

  • MYN Defer-to-Do Tasks
  • MYN Defer-to-Review Tasks: Amazingly Powerful

Hands-on Exercises

Module 4

E-mail Control

  • Achieving the Bliss of an Empty Inbox
  • Creating and Using the MYN Processed Mail folder
  • Filing E-mail by Tagging with Outlook Categories
  • The importance of Converting E-mails to Tasks, revisited
  • The MYN E-mail Workflow: Gaining E-mail Control
  • Be Team Savvy: Writing Better E-mails

Time Management and Other Time Savers

Hands-on Exercises

Putting it all together: Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook