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See My Book: The One Minute To-Do List for instructions (and links to videos) on how to use Toodledo


Create a Free, Preconfigured MYN Toodledo Account

2 Simple Steps:

The makers of Toodledo have provided a preconfigured MYN account capability that includes all the MYN settings. Here are the steps to get that.

  1. Create or Login to Toodledo Account. If you do not have a Toodledo account yet, create one by going to this link. (If you do already have an account, make sure you are logged in to your to-do list on the Toodledo web site.)
  2. Activate MYN. In the same browser as your logged-in Toodledo page, go to this link:

Once at the Methodology Presets page, take these two steps:

  1. Scroll to bottom of page and click the box adjacent to Apply These Settings, and then Save Changes.
    (Note, after you click the Save Changes button, the check mark next to Apply These Settings will clear; but that’s OK—you did it. You should also see a small message appear above the whole box that says Your Account Has Been Updated. Everything is done.)
  2. Now simply click the Tasks tab near the top of the left margin, and you’ll be all set.
  3. After that, to learn how to use those settings, download the free PDF book described at left and read Chapter 9.