Some Practical Considerations
when Registering for these Webinars

All Webinars:

This is a Hands-On Webinar for Window Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010: you will have your copy of Windows Outlook open during the webinar. You need a FULL copy of Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010. The browser version of Outlook (OWA) is NOT covered. And Outlook 2011 for Mac is not covered either (sorry!). (Note: a larger monitor or dual monitor configuration is helpful to allow side-by-side views of the webinar window and your Outlook window).

Audio: plan on having a phone at your computer so you can dial in on the provided number to hear the presentation and to ask questions. A headset is useful so you can have your hands free to work the exercises.

You can also use a headset plugged into your computer's audio, instead of using the telephone, but test that ahead of time on a program like Skype to make sure it works (note that call quality is usually higher when using a phone as opposed to using your computer connection). If using your computer’s audio, avoid using a speaker if possible as that will make taking your questions difficult (due to the background noise); a headset is the best plan.

Hosted by WebEx These webinars are being hosted by WebEx. Their staff will provide support for any webinar technical questions. Call this number in the rare case you may have trouble starting the webinar session: (866) 229-3239 (menu item #1, then #2).

Flash Player and Browser Support: a couple of the slides in the webinar use Adobe Flash movies, so to see those, you may want to ensure your web browser has Flash Player installed (most do). If you are not sure whether you have Flash installed, go to this site where you can test your browser: Adobe Flash. However this is not critical, only a few slides are affected. As to what browser you can use, you can use Internet Explorer or FireFox browsers, and all but the oldest versions should work. Contact WebEx technical support as listed above if you have any questions about Flash or browser support.

Payments may be made by credit card only, online, during the registration process (just follow the registration links). No POs or check payments are accepted. No registrations are possible without concurrent payment (i.e. no temporary holds are possible).

International Payments: Our normal payment system does not accept addresses outside US and Canada, so if you wish to participate in a webinar from outside NA, please e-mail us a request and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount. Note that no physical book will be sent outside the US or Canada; instead we will send you a PDF of the book.

Cancellation Policy: up until the start of the webinar you can cancel by sending an e-mail with your name and registration ID to, and a coupon will be sent to you for full credit on any future simlar seminar. Refunds are available only if the free PDFbook has not shipped yet.

Single License and Group Sessions: Registering for this webinar licenses you for one named attendee, and for subsequent review of recordings by the same attendee. Please, no group "sharing" of a single paid session is permitted in this license. Group webinars are available by special arrangement; for pricing contact: