Coaching and Consulting with Michael Linenberger
(New: Low-Fee slots!)

“It’s not spam or cc’d mail that slows down
your e-mail processing…”

Fast Company interview with Michael Linenberger

Coach or Consult with Michael

Meet on the phone, on Skype, (or even in person) with Michael Linenberger for help with a wide variety of business and personal topics. Michael can help you with your work management processes, business ideas, career questions, or even if you are just stuck with your work life and want ideas and solutions. And Michael has recently added some new, low-fee slots to his schedule (see below).

Here are some typical benefits you can gain from a 1-on-1 coaching/consulting session with Michael:

  • Help with learning or extending the One Minute To-Do List or MYN systems of workday management.
  • Help with setting and processing Goals: workplace or personal.
  • Business and Career planning.
  • Medium and small project management strategies.
  • (While it’s best not to use a session only for technical support, technical questions can be mixed in with other topics).

New fee for phone/Skype sessions (limited availability). ($200)

For appointments, send an e-mail to and list 3 to 4 slots you would like us to pick from between 10am and 4pm Mountain Time, Tues-Thurs.

Get Help with Michael's MYN system

Detailed coaching or consulting on Michael's MYN system is available during these one-on-one phone sessions. Whether exploring advanced topics or just getting help with the basics.

For appointments, send an e-mail to and list 3 to 4 slots you would like us to pick from between 10am and 4pm Mountain Time, Tues-Thurs.

Even Get Help with The One Minute To-Do List

No questions are too basic. If you need advice getting started with the most rudimentary to-do list or e-mail management processes, reserve a time for a phone call.

Michael Has a Wide Range of Business Expertise:

You may not realize the wide range of expertise Michael has in addition to his six workday management books. He has BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering and held a Professional Engineers license in California for many years. He was the IT Director at US Peace Corps for many years. Michael was a senior management consultant for Accenture, leading multi-million dollar projects for some of the world’s largest companies on business and technology strategy and implementation. He was a Vice President at Accenture in one of its subsidiaries.

Michael created and ran the Project Management Center of Excellence in the AAA automobile association headquarters in Northern California. There he created best-practices and tools used throughout all project work. Michael fully understands project management and how PM approaches should vary over various sizes of projects.

Michael also holds several certificates in counseling. He is easy to talk with and very insightful. He can help you with all levels of your business and career development.