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Download Brand New Edition 2

The Free PDF E-Book of Ed 2

Edition 2 was released in May 2017. It replaces Edition 1. It's still Free.

Download PDF e-book of Edition 2

Here are Your (Older) Free Book Videos

Here are the links to your free Videos to use with the older Edition 1.

BUT NOTE: Edition 1 is now OUT OF DATE! And these videos apply only to Edition 1. They will not be updated any longer. Please download Ed 2 ebook and use the video links in that new book to access the newer free videos.


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Consider These Paid Video Training Choices

Consider these paid video training packages that will take your productivity to the next level. The first one below covers the simple One Minute To-Do List system. The next two teach the more powerful MYN system.

The Older One Minute To-Do List Video Training

  • Note, this course only applies to Edition 1. It is not being updated for Edition 2, so we don't recommend using it any longer.

The MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training

  • Do you use Outlook? Do you want to have Lineneberger's complete Outlook-based Master Your Now (MYN) system delivered to you in video format? Then look no further. This class goes well beyond the 1MTD book, teaching you a complete solution to workday control.
  • Includes 26 video segments and a PDF copy of Michael's #1 bestselling Outlook Book.

Full-MYN ToodleDo Video Training

  • If you don't use Outlook for tasks this is the answer for you. Do you want to have Lineneberger's complete Master Your Now (MYN) system using ToodleDo delivered to you in video format? This class goes well beyond the 1MTD book, teaching you a complete solution to workday control using ToodleDo as your task software.
  • Includes 34 video segments.

I'd tried other methodologies to master email overload and they fell short. Top down approaches just don't work. Michael's methodology is easy to understand and apply. It provides "stress relief" immediately. With practice, results continue to improve.

Jerry Capute Vice President of Business Systems Tactical Propulsion and Controls

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