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The tips in this newsletter are just that, small tips and lessons to make your workday more productive. If instead you’d like to significantly transform your team or department by learning an over-arching e-mail and task management approach using Outlook or other tools, contact Michael Linenberger to schedule a hands-on seminar on-site, in your company (or a custom webinar). In those classes, the entire Master Your Now! system can be learned, greatly boosting the productivity of your team. The material can be directed for any existing capability level. Call 1-888-216-7041 or check out the training page for more information.
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Aug 17, 2011 MYN Newsletter:
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Next Public Webinar Series: October 25-28, 2011, (1.5 hr each day)

The next public Webinar for Michael's Outlook Productivity class is scheduled for October 25-28, 2011. That's Tuesday through Friday with webinar sessions held from 1:00 to 2:30 PST each day.

Michael holds these webinars only 2 to 3 times each year, and they are limited to 15 students each; so sign up early to be sure to get a seat.

You can learn more about the webinars here.

Total UI Makeover for ToodleDo Just Released

As you may know, I recommend using ToodleDo for tasks if you cannot or don't want to use Windows Outlook for tasks. It's really the only other task "platform" I recommend. Well, the makers of ToodleDo just released a complete user interface (UI) makeover, and it looks great. It cleans up the look and makes the software even faster to use. Here's a screenshot:

Here's a detailed write up of the changes (on the ToodleDo site):

See my ToodleDo page for why I like the ToodleDo software so much. I don't make any money off "sales" of this software by the way, I just like it a lot (it's mostly free anyway).

Video: "Using ToodleDo and MYN"

Well, with a newly designed ToodleDo out there, I had to redo my ToodleDo getting started video; the one that shows you how to use if for the first time and then turn on the MYN settings (that's a one-click feature!). That video is now done.

To see the new video, just go to my ToodleDo Page and run the video on the left side of the screen.

Send that link to anyone that you think needs to get started with a simple and powerful automated to-do system.

Configuring ToodleDo iPhone and iPad Apps for MYN

The makers of ToodleDo also have excellent iPhone and iPad apps that sync with your computer version of ToodleDo. Some time ago, in a white paper, I published the instructions for configuring the ToodleDo iPhone and iPad apps for my Master Your Now! (MYN) tasks system. Now, I want to get those same instructions summarized a bit more clearly, and updated. Use the link below to see them.

Configuring iPhone and iPad for ToodleDo and MYN

Video: Configuring ToodleDo Android App for MYN

The makers of ToodleDo do NOT have an Android app out, but several third party companies do. The one that works best with MYN is Pocket Informant Android. I wrote the instructions for setting it up for MYN in a blog a while back, but everyone wants a video so I recently made one. To see the new video, just go to my Pocket Informant page: and run the video on the left side of the screen.

The Power of Quick-Click Categories in Outlook

Have you made use of the Quick-Click Category feature in Outlook yet? If you haven’t, you should.

What is it? You have probably noticed in Windows Outlook (only in Outlook 2007 and 2010) that if you click in the Categories column next to an e-mail item, it places a Red category in there. This is a normal left-click and in pops in instantly—it’s very easy and very quick.

So what you ask?

Well, you should use this instead of using the red flag for most items you want to “flag.” Why?  Because starting in 2007, the red flag is now intended only for action items. And I say the only types of action you should use flags for are deferred replies—e-mails you intend to reply to in a day or two—(see Lesson 7 in my Outlook books for more info or see this article). Use true tasks for all other types of actions.

So what about e-mails you just want to mark as “important”? The Quick-Click Category feature is perfect for this.

See the rest of this article

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