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Wait to Fall to Buy a Laptop!

I love using Windows Ultrabooks when traveling. They are incredibly light and they boot from standby in seconds. But if you are thinking of getting one, I'd wait a few more months.

That’s because the new models coming out in the fall should have a lot longer battery—50 percent more—due to the new Haswell chip rolling out now (the new 9-hour MacBook Air is already using it). Learn more here.

Enjoying Microsoft’s New Surface RT Commercials? Thinking of Getting One?

Have you been enjoying the cute new Microsoft Surface RT commercial comparing an RT (quite favorably of course) to the iPad?

Does that commercial lead you to consider getting an RT now? It might be the time---but it might not be! Read more here (and watch the commercial too).

Three New Powerful iPhone Apps from Microsoft

Microsoft recently rolled out three new and powerful Microsoft Office apps for the iPhone and iPad.

All are free, and their functionality is very good. However, access to two of these three apps is quite restricted, so you are only likely to use the third. Read more.

New Toodledo Features Recently Released

As you may know, Toodledo is the tasks software I recommend you use if you cannot use Windows Outlook.

Well, Toodledo has rolled out a ton of new features recently, including an integrated outliner tool. But the change I like most is an overhaul in how Toodledo stores file attachments, making it a lot more usable. Read more.

New TaskTask iPhone and iPad Apps

My very favorite iOS tasks app, TaskTask, was updated recently.

The update includes a new Metro look, color theme choices, and a few key feature additions. It's also led to some minor changes in my MYN configurations. To see some screenshots and how to configure for MYN, go to here.