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Be Careful Buying a New Laptop These Days

Recently I was forced to purchase a new laptop, and it gave me a chance to study a few of the new models coming out. My take is that many of these brand-new, next-gen laptop designs were released to the public way before they were ready—many of them are full of bugs, some quite serious. In fact, I bought four and returned three of them immediately they were so messed up. But they are still amazing and you might be willing to take the risk. 

One might say this is a great time to buy a Windows laptop because a lot of new technologies have just come together in a number of new next-generation laptop releases. But in other ways this is a terrible time to buy a next-gen laptop for the very same reasons: there are too many new things all coming out at once on these new laptops, and in many cases the new elements aren’t working together yet.

In this article, I assess a few of the most promising new Windows laptops and tell you what to avoid and how best to do this.

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MYN: Getting Control and Letting Go

One way to look at the MYN system is to think of it as a process of getting control and letting go. You already know that the MYN task list gets you in control of work (and life) because it ensures you capture all incoming action requests and prevents them from dropping through the cracks.

The letting go part may be new to you. It comes from this: MYN forces you to de-prioritize things that don’t stack up against higher priorities—and that allows you to let go of those lower priority things. It does this in three ways:

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Shopping Lists in OneNote for iPhone

I feel that the MYN and 1MTD systems are not a great solution for shopping lists. A terrific place to create shopping lists is in OneNote, especially on the iPhone implementation.

I have been using OneNote on my iPhone for shopping lists for a while and I really like the way it works for stores that I do repeat shopping at (grocery stores, drug stores, etc).

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Toodledo Web Software Now Works Better on Smartphones

The Toodledo folks announced recently that part 5 of their redesign is completed. There is more to come but this is an important milestone because apparently most of the obvious and large user interface changes are complete with this phase. You can read about the latest changes made here

All the changes that have accumulated over the last few months seem really good to me. They make the software controls more nimble and less “noisy” on the screen, but still just as functional. I think the overall appearance is better too.

Major Benefit: Website “Fits” on Smartphones

Without going into all the major changes, let me mention what I think is one of the most important benefits of the changes: if you run Toodledo in a smartphone web browser (Safari on iPhone, Chrome on Android, and so on), and your screen size is reasonably large, you can see enough of your tasks and major controls to use Toodledo quite nicely. But why would you want to do that? Aren't there apps for that?   

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