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Dec 15, 2011 MYN & 1MTD Newsletter:
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Reminder: Next MYN Outlook Webinar Jan 17-20, Sign up Now

A quick reminder: the next public Webinar for Michael's MYN Outlook Productivity class is scheduled for Jan 17-20, 2012. That's Tuesday through Friday with webinar sessions held from 1:00 to 2:30 PST each day. You can learn the complete MYN system in this class.

Michael holds these webinars only about 4 times each year, and they are limited to 15 students each; so sign up early to be sure to get a seat.

You can learn more about the webinars here.

Let Go of those Old Tasks! (1MTD & MYN)

We all tend to hold on to our tasks too long, especially if they are recorded in a computer or handheld device—those devices never forget and our list can quickly get out of control. If you've read my recent books, you know I recommend that you have no more than 20 items in the Opportunity Now section of your 1MTD or MYN tasks list. This 20-item limit in the middle section is to make sure you review this list at least once each day.

But another way to look at this 20 item list is this: you need to let go of some of the tasks on your list and this is an important lesson to learn. We all get trapped in old goals, old impressions, old urgencies, even after their natural time as passed. Just let go! So either get them out-of-sight in the Over-the Horizon section, or better, delete them!

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Create your Day Focus list in MYN

Here’s one solution to spending too much time in your e-mail, which is a bad habit that even practiced MYN users can get into. It's called the Day Focus list.

Why is the e-mail trap so easy to fall into?

One reason we end up reading e-mail all day long, and so not getting our “real” work done, is because e-mail incorrectly answers the question "what should I do next?" It's just so easy to keep reading the next e-mail that's in our list, and then the next and the next. It’s right in front of us and it feels like we are busy and occupied and doing good work. But it diverts us from putting our real work in front of us, and focusing on it.

Here is one way to get your real work clearly “in your face” right from the start so you work on it first. It is to start each day creating what I call the Day Focus list, and you can do that right inside the MYN task list.

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