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Feb. 1, 2011 Newsletter:
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Reminder, Michael's Blog is Active

If you want to see news like what's in the articles below sooner, check out my blog at With weekly and sometimes daily postings, it includes many things that never make it to the newsletter. So go there often or subscribe to the RSS.

ToodleDo Software Upgrade: Now Easier for MYN

Here's great news for MYN ToodleDo web users. There's a new version of ToodleDo web out that makes its MYN support much better and easier. If you watched my ToodleDo video, then you may recall I mentioned a change in the ToodleDo web version was coming soon that would greatly improve ToodleDo for use with MYN. The new feature allows you to view your complete MYN Task List in one scrolling view (just like the way MYN is configured in Outlook, and just like ToodleDo is already working in the iPad and iPhone).

Well, that's here now, and MYN ToodleDo users, you'll want to start using it now. You can either hand configure it as I describe in the full article, or you can just activate the new ToodleDo MYN preconfigured account capability which picks it up automatically, as I describe in the next article below.

ToodleDo Preconfigured MYN Accounts Will Get You Started Instantly

More great news. Anyone can now instantly configure their ToodleDo web account to match the MYN principles by simply clicking one button! If you have not yet set up your ToodleDo web account for MYN, this saves time over numerous configurations steps. And if you have already configured a ToodleDo web account for MYN, note this new capability allows you to get your friends or colleagues up and running quickly. Or if you accidently messed up your MYN configs, you can get them back quickly with that one button. And it contains the newer MYN configs described above.

Read the rest of this article to see how to add a Preconfigured ToodleDo Account

New ToodleDo-Syncing Android App that
Fully Supports MYN

Up to now, MYN ToodleDo users on Android didn't have a good dedicated App like those available for the iPhone and iPad, at least not one that supported MYN. Instead, you had to use ToodleDo on the smartphone's browser to see the MYN views, and that can be hard when using the small Android smartphone screens.

Well, here is great news! We finally have a dedicated Android tasks app that syncs with ToodleDo and supports MYN. It's called Got To Do, and it's a nice little app. This app was originally designed to match GTD principles, and, with recent changes (released last week) it can now be configured to match MYN principles as well. This fills a great need—this is now the first ToodleDo-syncable Android app that meets MYN standards.

See the rest of this article

Outlook Mac 2011: How to Convert E-mails to Tasks

In my November article on Outlook Mac 2011, I complained that there was no easy way to convert e-mails to tasks in Outlook 2011, which greatly diminished the power of the task system there. I had heard then there were ways to write an AppleScript program to do this, but I did not want to subject my readers to doing that.

Well, it turns out there is a predelivered script already in my current copy of Outlook Mac 2011 that enables this. I am not sure if I missed this before or if it turned up in a recent update, but it pretty much solves the problem.

With a message selected in Outlook Mac 2011, simply open the script menu at the far right end of the menu bar (see above—it looks like a small scrolled document) and choose Create Task from Message. (See this post if that script is missing). A new task opens with the e-mail title as the task name, and the e-mail body in the body of the task. Rename the task to be more action oriented, and then be sure to set the start date, priority, and other fields, and save it. This is pretty simple and this significantly relaxes my objections to using tasks in Outlook 2011.

See the rest of this article

Windows Outlook Add On to Prevent Reply All to Your Messages

Here's an interesting article about a Microsoft Research add on to prevent recipients of your messages from replying to all.

See the article

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