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Jan 17, 2012 MYN & 1MTD Newsletter:
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If a Genie Could Grant You 3 Wishes...

I’d like you to help me provide even more solutions to meet your work goals. So please answer this question for me:

"If a Genie could grant you three wishes that would make you more effective at work, help you meet deadlines, and get your workday under control… what tools, training, or solutions would you ask for?"

Just hit Reply and send me back a few sentences describing what you really want or need. And then in the months ahead I will see what I can do to provide those solutions to you!

How I Process My Outlook Inbox

As I follow my own recommendations for processing my Outlook Inbox, I hit a lot of gray areas, and so the steps I use in my real life often go beyond the simple instructions that I teach in my classes and in my Outlook book. I've never written about those special cases though, so check out this article where I describe more fully my Outlook Inbox processing steps—ones that include those gray areas. It may help you with your own special situations. Follow the link below.

Michael's Full Inbox Process

Live Class by Michael in San Jose Calif, Thursday Jan 26

I don't often give in-person classes that the public can attend (I mostly give my seminars inside companies). So note, here is a public seminar I am giving scheduled for Thursday Jan. 26 in San Jose California. It's a 6 hour class on MYN Outlook. It covers the same material I teach in my Outlook webinars, but it's held in one day and I am able to provide more help with questions since I can interact with you more completely during the class. And it's just more fun to do a class live and in person.

The class is being hosted by ExecuTrain West and they are arranging the registrations, taking payments, and providing the training facility. There is still room so if you are interested, contact James A. Earl at 800-305-3855, ext. 812 (or e-mail him at; tell James you heard about it in this newsletter. The class is $399.

IBM Research Showing Foldering is Too Slow

One of my major teachings for e-mail management is to stop using 10, 20, 30, (100?) topic-named folders to file your mail. I’ve always claimed doing so is too slow to file and too slow to find things. I provide quicker and better alternatives in my books and classes (with single-folder filing and smart ways of using indexed search being some of the main ones).

Well, IBM Research now backs me up. Here is a formal research study that shows just how slow multi-folder filing is compared to using an indexed search tool at search time. The study concluded "people who relied on search were more likely to have successful finding sequences" compared to searching through folders.

The study makes for dry reading, but if you'd like to check it out, here is a link to the pdf of the study. (note, when going to that link you may find that the pdf format they used crashes in your version of FireFox; use another browser if you find that).

So think about it. If you are more likely to find an e-mail if you do not file it in a multiple-folder system, why are you still doing that sort of filing? Consider how much time you spend doing complicated filing like that, and how you could get that time back. See lesson (chapter) 5 in my Outlook book, or chapter 7 in the 1MTD book, or take one of my courses, to learn much simpler alternatives.

Blocking Reply All in Outlook

Now that the holiday season has passed and we are not giving gifts as much, here’s an add on to Outlook that prevents too much giving in another way—it’s a module you can download from Microsoft that blocks Reply All in Outlook.

Note, this is not a full solution, because it only works for people on your same Exchange system, meaning users in the same company; but that’s still a big plus.

Here’s the main way it works. When you are ready to send a message, you can use the add-on to mark that message so that recipients cannot Reply All to it. And it goes beyond that. You can set it so -all- your outgoing messages automatically have that setting enabled, or set it to prevent Reply All for all messages you receive.

As the article in the link below humorously suggests, maybe you would like to sneak onto the computers of certain people in your company and install this add-on? Or, more practically, perhaps make it corporate policy?

Here’s the CNET link with all the details:

Some Announcements

I'll be on the Patricia Raskin business radio show this Friday January 20th 3:00-3:30PM ET on AM790 WPRV. Listen on your radio if in Rhode Island or listen live on the Internet at  Listeners can call in to the show at (401) 437-5000 or (888) 345-0790.

Here is a free Podcast of a great recent interview with me about the One Minute To-Do List. This is one of the best interviews I've done on that book and it sums up my One Minute To-Do List teachings quite well. Listen here.

Don't forget that I have a new One Minute To-Do List video course. This 16 video course teaches you how to get control of your to-do list and life. More information here.

I just posted a blog about gSyncit. It looks good for syncing tasks between Outlook and ToodleDo. See my blog.

My good friend and author Marci Shimoff has just released the paperback version of her NY Times bestselling book Love for No Reason. I helped Marci a (tiny) bit with this book and watched it unfold while she was writing it, so I know it is a great book. As part of the paperback launch you can get free related gifts at this URL: Marci has supported my work and my books greatly, so while this is a bit off the productivity topic, I want to return the favor by encouraging some of you to check out her excellent book.

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