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Letting Go of Work This Summer

Summer is here and hopefully you are thinking about a vacation in the coming months. It’s surprising, however, how many people don’t take vacations because they say they have too much to do. And even if you do take vacations, are you really able to let go of your work? Does work continue to haunt you when you are away from it?

You’ll Never Get it All Done

There is a lesson here that we all need to learn, and it may be time for you to consider it: You’ll never get it all done. This is absolutely true! We all get just too many requests, and we think up just too many things to do these days that you can never do them all—you’ll never get it all done! If you feel like you can’t relax until it’s all done, well, you’ll never relax. So you need to learn and internalize that lesson, and then start to let go.

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Video Course Version of the One-Minute Project Management (1MPM) Class Now Available

I am pleased to announce that a video course version of the 1MPM class I taught last month (as a webinar) is now available as a self-paced video class you can purchase. It includes the same material as the webinar, and about 30% more. The “more” part are advanced videos for Windows Outlook and Toodledo that were not presented in the live webinar.

To learn more about this video training, or to purchase it (lifetime access is $129), click this link.

Note that I will not be offering the live webinar again for at least 6 months, so if you missed the webinar, this video set is your current way to access the training.

(By the way, if you were a 1MPM webinar participant, you received free 30-day access to this video set—and you should have gotten an e-mail telling you how to activate that access. We’ll also send you upgrade instructions soon showing how to upgrade to lifetime access to those videos at a nominal fee).

Again, to read more about the new video class, or to purchase it:
click here.

Formatting Outlook Inbox to Highlight Important Mail (Video)

As we struggle to get control of our inboxes, wouldn’t it be nice if mail that were more important to us stood out more in the mail list, and mail less important were perhaps grayed out? There are ways to do that in the Windows Outlook desktop application, and this video I just made will give you some ideas

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More Low-Fee Coaching Slots Available

If you are feeling overwhelmed by too many tasks or email, and haven't been able for some reason to make the 1MTD or MYN systems work for you, consider 1 on 1 phone coaching with me. For example today I just coached a reader of my book and showed her how to get her tasks and projects set up correctly in the system. She's now doing fine. One 50-min session was all it took.

I just added more low-fee ($75) slots to the schedule.

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