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The tips in this newsletter are just that, small tips and lessons to make your workday more productive. If instead you’d like to significantly transform your team or department by learning an over-arching e-mail and task management approach using Outlook or other tools, contact us to schedule a hands-on seminar on-site, in your company (or a custom webinar). In those classes, the entire Master Your Now! system can be learned, greatly boosting the productivity of your team. The material can be directed for any existing capability level. Call 1-888-216-7041 or check out the training page for more information.
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Nov 17, 2011 MYN & 1MTD Newsletter:
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Free PDF Copy of New 1MTD Book Still Available

Last month I announced release of my new book The One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) and I offered you a free PDF copy of the complete book; well you can still get a free copy here. Again, this book announces a new easier level of productivity teachings. It’s for people who perhaps tried the MYN system but did not get fully going in it. Or for those who just want a quick solution.


Please Spread that PDF Book Around---Share It!!
If you downloaded the book and found it useful, please send copies of the PDF (or links to the download page) to your friends or colleagues! This is good stuff and worthy of sharing---many people need this material. Put the link to the free book on forums, put it on your Facebook page, Tweet about it, and so on. How often does an author give away his new book? Here’s the link again:

Want the Complete Video Training for the One-Minute To-Do List? New 16-Video Series Just Released

If you downloaded the book but didn’t read it yet, or perhaps you just don’t like to read books, then consider my brand new Complete One Minute To-Do List Video Training. It teaches you the complete 1MTD material; with it you'll get your workday under control more easily—you won’t need to read the book—everything is in the course! It includes 16 videos narrated by me, (going well beyond the free 1MTD videos). It shows you how the One Minute To-Do List system (1MTD) works, how to get going with it, and how to master it and even take it mobile. This new video training is currently available at a special sale price, so get it now.

New BlackBerry App for 1MTD and MYN, Free Video Released

There’s finally a BlackBerry app available that works well with both 1MTD and MYN. It’s the new version 2.5 of Pocket Informant BlackBerry. It uses ToodleDo as its tasks server and so syncs well over-the-air with your computer. This new version includes changes that make it MYN compatible.

I just placed a video showing how to configure it for 1MTD and MYN on the free 1MTD video extras page; that’s the same page you may have used to watch other free 1MTD videos referenced in the 1MTD book. Go to video #7 at that link.

Next Outlook MYN Public Webinar Scheduled

The next MYN live public webinar with Michael Linenberger is set for Tues January 17- Fri January 20, 2012. Recall that in this four day (1.5 hrs per day) webinar you learn the complete Outlook MYN System. Michael holds these about 4 times a year and only accepts 15 students each. Learn more about the webinar here.

Also, I've been holding a ton of corporate webinars lately---companies like them since they decrease travel costs. Give us a call at 888-216-7041 if you want a custom webinar for your company. Again, for the January public webinar go here.

New Android App for 1MTD and MYN:
Ultimate To-Do List

There is now a second Android to-do list app that works with 1MTD and MYN; it’s called Ultimate To-Do List. Its most recent release is now MYN compatible. I just put 1MTD and MYN configuration instructions for this app here. UTDL

This, by the way, is in addition to my recommendation to use Pocket Informant Android—so we now have two choices in that space. Both use ToodleDo for their tasks server. Read more about Utlimate To-Do List.

Outlook Users: Want the 1MTD and MYN System on Kindle Fire? Want Other Mobile Options?

If you are using Microsoft Outlook with Exchange Server as your tasks server, as you may recall I recommend the app TouchDown as the mobile tasks app for you to use with 1MTD and MYN (see my write up on TouchDown and MYN). Well, the makers of TouchDown have just released a version of Touchdown for the Kindle Fire! So now you can use the latest Android tablet with MYN. Get more info from the TouchDown folks here. And for the iPhone and iPad and other platforms, see all my Outlook MYN mobile options on my Software Page.

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