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Nov 20, 2012 MYN & 1MTD Newsletter:
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6 Types of Windows 8 Computers to Consider

Windows 8 raises a number of questions about what next PC computer to buy—the choices are a lot more complex than before since there are so many different types: various tablets, laptops, Ultrabooks, all-in-ones, (and hybrids across these types). And the old pros and cons for each of these have now completely changed from years past.

To think this through, I’ve narrowed the choices down to 6 types that each represent a specific niche of usage. I’ve summarized them in 6 numbered orange rectangles in the chart below. I hope this chart, and the recommendations in the article below it, will help you make up your mind on how to buy a Windows 8 computer in the months ahead.

Happy shopping!


Choose the Form Factor First

With Windows 8’s new touch capability, you need to understand how you’ll be working on the computer. March down the chart and corresponding numbered article sections below to pick your from factor first, then do your own research on various brands. I am not mentioning many specific brands or models in each section since that list is changing so fast, but I have links to many.

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It's Still a Two-PC World

One thing is becoming clear to me as I use the Windows 8 tablet part of the day: I am going to be living in a two device world for a while—I’ll be using both a “full sized” Windows machine, and a small Windows 8 tablet. No matter what tablet brand or model I buy, I think that using two devices is inevitable for some time to come.

Hybrids Are Too Heavy

I know a lot of us hoped that with Windows 8 we’d merge a tablet and PC into one hybrid device. And while that is happening to some extent, for me it is clear I’ll still need two machines. Why?

Well, I feel a tablet should be something you can easily hold in one hand, read a book on it, scan the web while holding it standing up, etc. The iPad sizing set the standards for that, many Android tablets followed sized the same, and the new Surface RT meets that size need as well.

But a PC that allows me to do all my real work in all my applications needs more. It needs to have a screen 12 inches minimum (hopefully larger), and at least 256 gig of storage space. The trouble is, today, even the best laptops or hybrid tablets that meet those specs (e.g. those based on the Win 7 or 8 Ultrabook specs, with ample solid state storage), are going to weigh at or over 3 pounds—they are just too heavy for one-handed tablet use.

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