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April 12, 2012 MYN & 1MTD Newsletter:
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New Full-MYN ToodleDo Video Class just released. Designed for Non-Outlook Users

I'm very excited to announce the brand new availability of a major product. It is a self-paced, self-study, *video* course that teaches you the MYN productivity system for those NOT using Windows-Outlook for tasks (it uses ToodleDo for tasks instead). So if you use a Mac, or Gmail, this course is for you. I’ve been talking about releasing this for a number of months, and it’s finally here.

This is a big deal. For the last six years I've been teaching my complete MYN- material for Windows Outlook only. I touched upon the non-Outlook material (using ToodleDo) in the One Minute To-Do List book and course, and mentioned the Full MYN ToodleDo training was months away. Now you can get it.

So if you do not use windows Outlook, this class is for you. And of course it is in a video format, which is a great plus. You can sit back and watch the material spoon fed to you, with videos of ToodleDo in action. You can spend extra time on some sections if you wish, or skip around; you can do this at your own pace.

This is the complete MYN material. It includes everything in the Outlook training, redesigned for ToodleDo—material that allows you to use your tasks and e-mail systems to their fullest to really get control of your day. It shows many advanced ways to use ToodleDo that go far beyond the 1MTD material. In fact this course goes beyond the complete MYN Outlook courses too because it includes segments on various e-mail systems (see next paragraph).

Covers Gmail e-mail, Macintosh Outlook 2011 e-mail, and Windows Outlook e-mail. This class goes beyond anything we've taught before because it includes segments on how to empty your Inbox in Gmail and Outlook Mac 2011. And if you happen to use Windows Outlook for e-mail, but want to use ToodleDo for tasks, we've included all the e-mail management lessons from the Windows Outlook video class in this course, so you can mix the two together.

We've set the pricing to be competitive with all the other complete MYN classes: $399 per person. Note that for a limited time we've discounted that to $299 and I'm not sure how long that will last, so you may want to purchase it now. Included in the course are over six hours of streaming videos in 34 high-quality video segments.

So if you want to move beyond the simple One Minute To-Do List level of Michael's training, and want to learn the full MYN system for non-Windows-Outlook (using ToodleDo for tasks), so that you can really take control of your workday, then get this course, and do it now while it’s on its sale price.

You can see some samples of the course, and learn more about it by clicking the link below.

Learn More or Buy It Now

Tip: Use the 80/20 Rule on Importance of Tasks to Get them Under Control

I have an 80/20 rule on all the requests for action that we get everyday; especially all those coming in by e-mail. The rule goes like this: 80% of action requests we get by e-mail will decline in importance over time if left undone. Only 20% will get more urgent if not done quickly. If we use this rule appropriately, we can start to solve our feeling of overwhelm and scattered work focus, and accomplish a lot more of our core work.

Why is this rule so true? It’s true because in this fast changing business world, nearly all business priorities change rapidly. The priorities of your boss, your clients, your firm, your colleagues—and even your own priorities—all change very rapidly as time goes by. So something that seemed very important on Monday may be much less important by Friday, as new priorities have moved in.

What are the implications of this rule? The number one take away from this rule is this: never work lower priority, short-term needs at the expense of high priority ones. If you spend most of your day on lower priority, short-term needs (like acting on e-mail as it comes in), then you’re missing opportunities to get your important work done. And you are wasting your time on work that, given the test of time, you really should have passed on.

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Still Room in Next Week's MYN Outlook Webinar, and Now Comes with New "Extras"

Good news, there are still seats in next week's MYN Windows Outlook Webinar, live with Michael Linenberger. It runs from Tuesday April 17 to Friday April 20 in four 1.5 hour segments, each starting at 1 PM Pacific time. Michael keeps this class to fewer than 15 students to allow a lot of personal participation, and a few seats are left.

That seat limit is one reason this is so valuable: you have the chance to ask lots of questions of Michael as the class progresses and at the end of each segment.

New Extras: new, starting with this webinar, you also get 30-day access to the Complete MYN Outlook Video Course for use after the class so you can review as much of the webinar material as you need (the content is the same). And when that 30-days is up, you can keep lifetime access to that Video Course for a nominal fee ($49).

Plus you get a free physical AND Pdf copy of the book Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook 3rd. Ed..

Sign up now to get one of the last seats.

Learn more about the Webinar

Tip: Use a "Read Later" Tag for Low Priority E-Mail to Help Clear Your Inbox

Here’s a question I get in nearly every class I teach, and my solution. The question is “What do I do with low-priority e-mail that I don’t need to attend to now but I know I may want to get to later? I tend to leave these in my Inbox until I can read them, and so emptying the Inbox like you recommend is hard to do.”

My solution? Tag it with a “Read Later” Category in Outlook (or use a “Read Later” Label in Gmail), and immediately move it out of your Inbox And then schedule blocks of time on slower days to catch up on your low-priority mail reading.

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