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Best iPhone and Android E-Mail App for MYN and 1MTD

As you know, I have two primary recommendations in MYN and 1MTD for keeping e-mail under control:

  1. Convert action emails into tasks.
  2. Empty your inbox into a single folder (for speed) and use Categories in Outlook (or labels in Gmail) to group your mail by topic when needed.

There’s now an app that can do both of these on the iPhone or Android: and it’s called TouchDown, and it’s only for users with an Exchange Server (e.g. for those in a corporate environment or for individuals using Office 365 with Exchange).

I’ve been recommending TouchDown for years on Android but up to now I thought its iPhone version was too immature—but now it’s e-mail module is ready to recommend. It also comes with good Calendar and Contacts modules that sync with Exchange.

These are very unique apps. There is no other e-mail smartphone app on any platform that can assign or view Outlook categories on smartphone mail—even Microsoft’s apps can’t do this. And very few apps can convert e-mails to tasks. So these apps are very good for MYN and 1MTD users.

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TouchDown iPhone App for *Tasks* ?

Above I just recommended TouchDown iPhone for its E-mail module. But what about its Tasks module? As you probably know, I’ve been recommending the Tasks module of the Android version of the TouchDown app for years (see this post).

But the tasks module on the iPhone version of TouchDown has been a bit of a let down since it came out. Do I recommend it now for MYN or 1MTD?

Well, maybe. It doesn’t sort tasks quite right for MYN, but it might work for you. Here are my thoughts on the most recent version of it.

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Another $100 Windows 8 Tablet

Another $100 Windows 8 tablet has been released for sale: the HP Stream 7.

I haven’t tested it, but below is a link to a good review of it, which states the 7-inch screen is actually quite nice (compared to the other $100 Windows 7-inch tablet that came from Toshiba):

As you may know, I like the Windows tablet navigation design better than any other tablet OS. And using a Windows tablet gives you a way to take a full version of desktop Outlook mobile so you can use all the MYN features of Outlook.

Of course, I am a bit skeptical of using desktop Outlook on such a tiny screen. Personally, I am waiting for Microsoft to release a touch-friendly version of Outlook (which is apparently now delayed until a Windows 10 release). But if you are willing to use a stylus (you’d have to buy a non-active one because this tablet does not come with an active screen digitizer), you should be able to operate the menus on desktop Outlook even on this small screen.