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In the last 12 months or so, Microsoft has, behind the scenes, been completely redesigning That work is done, and as a result, I now recommend instead of Exchange Server for individuals that want a full task server to use with Desktop Outlook.

This is really important for individual users of MYN and 1MTD as it let's you go fully mobile. (Companies with multiple employees should still use Exchange Server--it's still best for groups). The key change is that is now hosted on Exchange Server technology. The results:

  • All the tasks features of Exchange now work in
  • All the Exchange mobile task apps like TaskTask, Touchdown, and Nine work with it.
  • It's still free. And a paid Premium version offers custom domains and ad-free web usage.

If you don't currently have Exchange you should consider as a server for your desktop Outlook. 

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Outlook Mac AppleScript Working?

The AppleScript that converts e-mails to tasks in Outlook Mac seems to have been fixed. Let's hope it lasts.

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Good List of Latest Windows Tablets

The Windows Tablet world continues to move forward. Here is a recent review/list of the latest offerings.

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