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Giving Up on Goals? 4 Tips for Setting Goals that Work

The whole goal-setting topic is a tricky subject—it’s wrought with land mines. It seems so proactive to set ambitious goals, but despite our best intentions, most such goals are missed.


When that happens repeatedly, we get discouraged and many of us never set goals again—to avoid the pain of missing them.

However, failing at goals may be because we’re creating and managing goals incorrectly, not due to being an undisciplined person.

4 Tips for Setting Goals

Here are 4 tips you can use to achieve more success with goal setting and thus rekindle your faith in the process. Setting goals is still the best way to make progress in just about any area, so I hope you give one or more of these a try and get back on the goal bandwagon.

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Next Public Webinar with Michael Linenberger just Set for March 26

It's been a while since Michael gave a public webinar, mainly because he's been swamped with on-site corporate trainings. But one was just scheduled for March, only a few months away.

Only 15 Seats!

You may want to sign up now--Michael likes to keep these small, he only offers 15 seats. And it can be 6 months before he offers another one.


In these live webinars you learn the complete MYN-Outlook task and e-mail management system, and you have lots of chances to ask Michael questions.

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Use to Motivate Regular Action on Goals

For years I’ve written and lectured about the problems of setting arbitrary deadlines—deadlines that have no real consequence (scroll down to see one such article).


In recent years, however, a number of web-based tools have popped up that can help solve that problem. They do this by helping you create and manage commitment contracts that force you to pay a fine if you miss a milestone. This adds teeth to a deadline date, and may just solve the arbitrary deadline problem for many of your tasks and goals.

The best-known web-tool for this is probably, co-founded by the author of the book Carrots and Sticks. Another one, one that I have started using, is called BeeMinder.

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Fixing Arbitrary Deadlines on Goals

Many of you will be setting deadlines on your goals, and you may be tempted to create arbitrary ones—using a random date—just to add focus.


However, in my classes and in my books I discuss problems with using arbitrary deadlines.

Here’s how to fix them so your deadlines really work!

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