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Extending Your One-Minute To-Do List

By now you know the differences between 1MTD and MYN (these are the two to-do list systems I teach). The main advantage of MYN is that it can handle a lot more tasks than 1MTD. But 1MTD is much simpler. If your 1MTD list is getting too long, then instead of advancing to MYN you might want to just “extend” 1MTD to make it handle more tasks. Extending 1MTD takes a lot less study than moving to MYN, and it may be all you need to get 1MTD working for you again. In Outlook you do that using a "Marker Task," and in Toodledo you use the "Negative" priority.

I show you the details for both platforms in this article.

How to Extend 1MTD Without Advancing to MYN

Two Windows Phone 8 Tasks Apps for MYN

The Windows Phone 8 OS has been increasing in market share—by most counts that market share is now higher than BlackBerry. So it's time to list a few task apps that work with MYN (and 1MTD).

The app called Tasks (shown above) syncs with Exchange and displays tasks with MYN sorting and filtering right out of the box. See more about Tasks here.

The app called 2Day syncs with Toodledo, and requires some configuration to set up for MYN. See more about 2Day here.

Two New Videos Added to the Full MYN Toodledo Video Training Course

We just added two new video lessons to the paid Full MYN Toodledo Video Training Course, and they are free for all current paid users. They are Lessons 13a and 13b, and they replace the old Lesson 13.

Lesson 13a describes the optional paid feature packages in Toodledo, packages that were revamped in 2013—this video updates the older Lesson 13 that described them. Read more here.


New Mobile Apps Videos Added to MYN-Outlook Video Course

I previously had just one lesson on mobile apps in the paid MYN Outlook Complete Video Training; it was Lesson 22. Well, we just divided that into 3 lessons and put new videos up for the iOS solution (new lesson 22b) and the Android solution (new lesson 22c). Free for current paid users.

Lessons 22b&c cover the latest software versions of each. The new Lesson 22a is an introduction to the idea of going mobile with MYN. If you already own that lesson set, you can login here.


1MTD and Inner Sorting of Your Tasks List

If you use 1MTD on mobile devices, you've probably noticed that one minor disadvantage of using 1MTD is that task sorting inside priority groups sometimes takes a bit more work than in Outlook desktop. This is especially true if you want the mobile and desktop task list sorting to match; achieving that that may require changing some settings. In this drill-down article, I discuss why that is true and what you can do about it (for both Outlook and Toodledo users). Read More.