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Auto-Categorize Outlook E-mail: Video

You know by now in 1MTD and MYN I recommend filing e-mail into ONE folder, and that if you must topic file, I recommend you apply Outlook Categories to the mail in that folder (and group by categories at search time).

One reason categorizing is much faster than using lots of individual folders is that auto-file Outlook rules work much better with Categories than with folders; with Categories the mail stays in the Inbox where you can still read it, meaning you'll be much more likely to apply the rules to business-critical e-mail. Then drag all mail to the one folder in bulk. So Category filing becomes much faster than folders.

But learning how to use Windows Outlook rules can be daunting (Mac is easier) so I have added two free videos to the MYN Outlook Video Class that show you how.

To watch those free Windows Outlook videos, click here and scroll down to videos numbered 23a and 23b. Mac Outlook users go here instead for an article on how to do same on the Mac.

ToodleDo iPhone/iPad Updates: Video

The apps for the iPhone and iPad for ToodleDo were updated to version 3 not too long ago by the ToodleDo folks---nice improvements! And so I have released new videos to show how to prep the apps for 1MTD and MYN.

Go to the 1MTD extras page and watch free video # 5a. A video for the more advanced MYN settings has also been added to the MYN ToodleDo Video Course (video #22a, but it's part of the paid course, sorry; all new and existing owners of that course have access).

If you are new to my work, ToodleDo is the software I recommend you use to manage tasks in 1MTD and MYN, if you do not use Windows Outlook.

Windows 8 RT Tablet Beats iPad? Maybe, Now that it has full Outlook included

I've been ambivalent about Windows 8 RT tablets---you know, the lower cost version of the new Windows tablets. If someone asks, I send them instead either to an iPad or Android (for non-business use) or the full Windows 8 Pro tablets (to get Outlook and more; but they are expensive). But that is changing now if you need a low-cost tablet. Why? New free availability of full Outlook on RT, and low cost.

Outlook Available for Windows RT, $200 Less

Have you seen the Microsoft TV commercials comparing the RT to the iPad? They're pretty good and they point out the $200 price advantage of RT (using the $399 Dell XPS 10 as an example). But my main interest is that, starting next week, you can get a full copy of Outlook for free on the RT. No question in my mind that, if you are short on funds and need the tablet for business with Outlook, this moves the mark to an RT device.

Read more about the Outlook on RT release.

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