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See My Book: The One Minute To-Do List for instructions on how to use Toodledo



Pocket Informant Android?

If you need a ToodleDo-compatible Android app, get Pocket Informant (now simply called Informant). It's a third-party app the works with Toodledo and my tasks systems: 1MTD or MYN. Using Informant, you can easily take your 1MTD and MYN tasks on the road.

How to get started? First, I assume you are using Toodledo on your web browser and have it configured for 1MTD or for MYN. If not, see my book The One Minute To-Do List which highlights how to use Toodledo. You can get a free PDF copy of that book--it includes links to free videos that show you how to use Toodledo using the simple 1MTD configurations as well as with MYN.

Informant: Award-Winning Software that has Been Around for Years

I have been using and recommending Informant for nearly a decade (when it was called Pocket Informant). It does just about everything you can imagine with tasks and calendars. The Android platform version of Informant, for use with Toodledo tasks server, is a great way to take your tasks mobile. Information on how to configure Informant for MYN and 1MTD is in the free One Minute To-Do List book, which you can download at left (a free video is linked in Chapter 8 of that book).

Note: Informant Android does not work with Exchange--use TouchDown for that. Informant is also available for the iPhone and iPad; but those versions are not yet MYN-ready so I cannot recommend them. So see my other ToodleDo-MYN app recommendations for those platforms. There is no Informant for Windows Phone.

Next Steps

You may want to learn more about using MYN. You can learn the MYN system by reading the book listed above left, or by taking a seminar or webinar offered by Michael Linenberger. You can also learn very simple versions of MYN on Toodledo by reading through Chapter 10 in the free One Minute To-Do book (see link on left). To see how to implement MYN in other software and on your smartphone or tablet, see the Software page.