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Quotes from recent participants:

"It was a great course and I enjoyed it! I would recommend it for everyone using Outlook. I understand and can use the MYN system now in much less time and effort than it would have taken me to do it on my own."

Don Ariagno
Seaway Yarns Ltd.

"I'd tried other methodologies to master email overload and they fell short. Top down approaches just don't work. Michael's methodology is easy to understand and apply. It provides "stress relief" immediately. With practice, results continue to improve."

Jerry Capute
Vice President of Business Systems
Tactical Propulsion and Controls

"Michael Linenberger's book, and even more helpful, his webinar, catapulted me into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. None of my prior methods worked well and certainly didn't work well togther: a massive Excel file with over 30 tabs + serious misuse of the calendar function on my Palm Treo, which never synched with my Calendar in Outlook + plus endless, multiple email inboxes in Outlook. With Michael's webinar I was able to quickly implement his approach to task organization, so know I know exactly what needs to be done at what time, without feeling overwhelmed. The title of his book is apt, "Total Workday Control", it works. Though I read the book, and almost got it, the webinar pounded it home for me and it was a new dawn after the 4 one hour classes on the web."

Rich Coleman
Washington, DC

"As an Outlook user who has tried nearly every strategy for email and task management (including numerous add-in programs for Outlook), I can confidently say that Michael Linenberger's services have been the most useful for getting my email and tasks under control.  Michael is one of the few people who really "gets" the realities of email and task overflow for people who are inundated with email (often several hundred a day) and need to manage a high volume of correspondence.  I found his approach to be the key that was missing for way too long.  After our coaching sessions, during which he was extremely helpful, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  A year later, I still use his strategies on a daily basis.  It is still an ongoing challenge to keep email and tasks under control, and it always will be, but I can say with absolute confidence that I am much better off now than I would have been had I not worked with Michael and his system."

Dan Binstock, Esq.
Legal Recruiter in Washington, D.C.


Once again, thank you , Michael.  An excellent use of six hours for training that I know will stand me in good stead going forward.  Even though Outlook wasn’t a dream when I was 20, the principles of mental order that are built into your MYN system would have been do-able, - even on a system built out of index cards.  And, productivity – mine and others – would probably have been five times what it was!



Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class last week, and I think it was one of the most practical and worthwhile courses that I’ve taken in some time.  I’m up and running in using the tasks and categorizing email and it’s working great.

Steve Ewing, Cattle Empire, LLC



















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Tues March 26- Fri March 29, 2013

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“Michael’s training helps me to translate an in-box full of information into focused tasks.”

Devon Johnson, Portfolio Manager, CSAA

4-Part Webinar Series Contents

Learn the entire Core MYN Outlook System in this webinar.

Taught by the author of the #1 best-selling Outlook book, this live four part (1.5-hr each) hands-on webinar training emphasizes new and proven best practices of e-mail and task management that will for the first time get your workday under control.

This class assumes no prior knowledge of Michael's Outlook system, rather it teaches you the core segments of the system.

Here's what you get:

No extra software assumed or required, just a web browser on your computer, and simultaneous access to a full copy of Outlook 2003 of 2007/10 to do exercises during the webinar.
Optional ClearContext software is not covered).



Session 1: Tues 1 to 2:30 PM Pacific Time
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E-Mail and Task Problems in the Modern Office Place

  • E-mail leads to more business interactions, work, churn
  • Staff (wrongly) try to use Inbox as a Task Manager
  • Staff do not have tools for effective prioritizing

Solution: Use Microsoft Outlook Smarter

Step 1: Getting Started: Basics of Outlook’s Task Management System

  • Outlook 2003 and 2007/10 Task Manager Basics
  • Entering Tasks (hands on)
  • Simple Conversion of E-mails to Tasks (hands on)
  • Flagged Mail tasks in Outlook 2007/10 and Cleaning them up (hands on)

Step 2: Applying Linenberger’s Manage-Your-Now! (MYN) System via Outlook Tasks

  • MYN Theory
  • Identifying workday Urgency Zones
  • Mapping those Zones into Outlook

Session 2: Weds 1 to 2:30 PM Pacific Time

Using the MYN Outlook System to Get Control of Your Workday

  • Configuring Outlook for the MYN system (hands-on)
  • Using Critical-Now Tasks in Outlook (hands-on)
  • Working your next priorities: Using MYN Opportunity-Now Tasks in Outlook
  • Using the FRESH-Prioritization approach for Opportunity-Now Tasks
  • The Importance of using Start Dates
  • Completing Outlook MYN configurations (hands-on)

Session 3: Thurs 1 to 2:30 PM Pacific Time

MYN Task Management Continued

  • Converting E-mails to Tasks: the Key to Inbox Control (hands-on)
  • Using Follow-Up Tasks to Stay on Top of Loose Ends (hands-on)
  • Control Work Overload by Scheduling Strategic Deferrals:
    • MYN Defer-to-Do Tasks
    • MYN Defer-to-Review Tasks: Amazingly Powerful
  • Managing Deadlines Correctly in Outlook Tasks

Session 4: Friday 1 to 2:30 PM Pacific Time

E-mail Control

  • Achieving the Bliss of an Empty Inbox
  • Creating and Using the MYN Processed Mail folder (hands-on)
  • Problems with using Multiple Topic-named folders
  • Filing E-mail by Tagging with Outlook Categories or by Using a Full-Text Search Engine (hands-on)
  • The MYN E-mail Workflow: Gaining E-mail Control

Putting it all together: Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook and the MYN System

  • Other System Tips
  • Wrap up