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Use the "Going Home Test" to Keep your Priorities under Control

Probably the number one problem with any computerized task list is that the list gets too big too fast, and then we just give up and stop using the list. That's because we feel dispirited by the huge number of to-dos, and don't know where to start. Or the things at the top of the list don't ring true as being our most important tasks.

To-Do ListPart of this problem is having too many high priority tasks. Most to-do list systems have a three level rating approach, and nearly everyone I know who uses these puts way too many items in the top level.

To solve that problem, start using something I call The Going Home Test. Let me explain how.

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Syncing Outlook Tasks with ToodleDo Using gSyncit

As you probably know, in the MYN/1MTD task systems I recommend using either of two Task Servers: Outlook/Exchange or ToodleDo, and each has its own advantages. But what if you want to use both with the same tasks?

Now you can while keeping them synced, by using the software called gSyncit.


I mentioned this software before, but had not tested it. Recently I did put gSyncit to use and I found it works great—it has greatly expanded my mobile task management options.

I've written up two articles to get you going on this:

Take a look and let me know how it works for you.

Windows versus Apple, for MYN/1MTD

In the last newsletter and in my recent blogs I have a put a lot of attention on the new Windows tablet releases, and their big impact on the MYN/1MTD systems—and I've focused on their impact on mobile productivity strategies in general. I hope those articles have been helpful.

As a result, though, I received a number of comments asking me why I was not putting as much attention on the Macintosh or iOS devices.Apple Logo

Many readers may be new to my material, so you may be wondering what is my stance on the various hardware platforms. For example, do I favor PCs over Macs for managing e-mail and tasks in MYN/1MTD? What are the very best mobile devices for MYN/1MTD? Which should you buy?

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Other News

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